Cultures of Greed

…. coming soon to a neighbourhood near you.

Cultures of Greed

And the ‘hits’ keep on comin’! Greed à la carte. This time, compliments of our Alberta ‘conservative’ provincial government.

From what I gather from the radio today and from the article below, they gave this gal a $1.2m severance package (after serving only 9 months on a three year contract), plus a $250,000 bonus despite having served less than 1 year on the job.

They’ll probably compensate by increasing the wait times at emergency wards by another hour or so, while also laying off custodial staff and nurses.

Superboard exec earns $1.2M severance deal

From what I understand, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is on a crusade against ‘greed and corruption’ within government departments. In fact, in this regard, he recently fired the whole Ontario Lottery Board. More Premiers should get on this band wagon and go after these white-collar ‘criminals’ whose culture of greed and entitlement has no place in a society where many today are suffering from recession and hardship.

In fact, the RCMP should be doing their job in this area as well, especially in the private business sector, instead of focusing all their attention to the ‘evil’ war on drugs that gives them ‘huge’ budgets and free reign to victimize ordinary people (who in most cases only harm themselves), while turning a blind eye to the real villains in our society (who harm others… and in greater numbers). Taser-totting cops who terrorize and victimize average citizens (with the governments blessing), while protecting and/or ignoring those who rape and plunder our nation, does not instill confidence in our system. In fact, it does the opposite.

History has shown us that countries (like Canada) which practice and condone ‘cultures of greed’ soon find themselves embroiled in ‘Class Warfare’, resulting from an exploited, disillusioned, disenfranchised and ‘pissed off’ people saying, “enough is enough… we are not going to take it anymore!”


If the consequences of greed are harm and pain, it is immoral. If greed is flaunted, when the pain is known, it is also sociopathic.

from John Prince
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10 Responses to Cultures of Greed

  1. John Prince says:

    Thanks Susan, I appreciate that. Hopefully, more people like you will join in and when we have enough, then the ‘Revolt of the Masses’ can begin. :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is that like ‘the peasants are revolting’?

  3. John Prince says:

    That’s right, its called having a Revolution. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Everyone is invited. :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    The state is nothing more than a machine for the oppression of one class by another.

  5. Jose says:

    There you go again…..”taking from the rich and giving to the poor” is not the solution, and is pure hogwash. The “giving” part is the problem — everyone wants things “given” to them by the government –which in itself is nothing more than we the people who work and pay taxes. There will be no revolution — too many people are working for the govt or have been feeding at the govt trough, so who is there to do the revolting? You, me and a few more of the leftovers from the sixties and seventies????

    The coming Greater Depression will hopefully make people work together and help each other out. This time around the Middle Class that took so long to establish since the last Depression, will be wiped out — for a multitude of reasons, including the banksters, and for sure poor govt–be it conservative, socialist or in between.

    ANY govt and its representatives takes care of itself especially in times of excess (good pensions, benefits, etc), at the expense of the people they are supposed to be representing. They succumb to the bribes, corruption and feel they know what is best for we the people. That’s where we are now. Vote ALL of the bums out!!!

    One can’t place all of the blame on just the “Rich”. How can that be? Many people have been living the good life, well beyond their means, and are now paying or willl pay the price. This, along with the deteriorating economy will make for hard times.

    If you think that the local govt is broke now, wait until the Provincial govt starts really cutting back on the cost sharing, etc. as the oil and gas royalties dry up. Get ready to take your garbage to the local dumping-off location, and pine for the good ole days. So rather than prepare for revolution, get ready to live like our grandparents did during the Depression — that’s if we can after all of the govt give-aways we have become accustomed to.

  6. John Prince says:

    …..”taking from the rich and giving to the poor” is pure Robin Hood. Everybody loves Robin Hood! Don’t you? :-)

    Seriously, what I mean by the above quote is that fundamental change has to come about because the present system does not work… at least not for the ordinary person. The system is designed by the rich for the rich, to serve their interests and needs (not ours), which ultimately results in the exploitation of the poor. In other words, in its present form the state is nothing more than a machine for the oppression of one class by another. I am obviously a proponent for fundamental change in our democratic system (such as enacting proportional representation and democratic electoral reform)… or its over-throw (whichever comes first :-)).

    At the same time, I believe in the philosophy of “From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs.”

    With respect to your comment, “who is there to do the revolting?” I have to agree, today, it is very difficult to get people to stand up for change. Media manipulation and a culture of political lies for a populace of ‘couch potatoes’ does not a revolution makeTV has created a world of uninvolved information junkies. People now tend to value fantasy more than reality… The intelligentsia is encouraged to accept a narrow viewpoint on every issue of importance, and the rest of the public is fed entertainment and diversion (sports, etc.) to keep them happy, quiet and completely out of the picture. As Jim Morrison said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

    Until people become ‘unplugged’ no real Revolution is possible.

    Vote ALL of the bums out!!!… Voting all the bums out, unfortunately, won’t do it because they will just be replaced by other bums. As I said above, we need `fundamental change`, such as proportional representation and democratic electoral reform, along with a major shift away from capitalistic consumerism being the be all and end all of everything. There is a better path we could follow…

  7. Jose says:

    A real estate agent is as close to a free-enterpriser as one could get, and still you expouse the communistic Marxist doctrine. Geez!! I am certain that the people that have worked hard to build or buy their Pass dream home; those retirees that come to the Pass for the good life; and even those that made their money in a questionble manner are all lining up to share their dollars — and to have their dreams set aside for the common good. It won’t happen. That’s what paying taxes is for.

    Looks like you and I will be on oppposite sides of the line if and when your Revolution comes. Perhaps a trip to Cuba to help in the sugar harvest will help you adjust to the coming “good life” you appear to long for — not much need for real estate agents down there from what I hear. Then again, a stint as the Pass Mayor may give you an opportunity to impliment your real agenda. Couldn’t be any worse than it is now, and will certainly shake up the Boyz. We can vote you in, and we can vote you out!!

    As for the ‘fundamental change’, the Commie system didn’t work, nor did the National Socialists. Since our so-called democratic system isn’t working either, we are in for interesting times. The present US of A experiment into Obama’s Community Activism (aka Socialism/Communism), will unfold in a short period of time. Then we’ll see where it is all headed both South and North of the border.

    Keep up the good fight, but the Tim Buck days in the Pass are long gone…..

  8. John Prince says:

    Comrade Jose,
    With Labour Day here I can only surmise this is the cause of your ‘rant’ on communism (as if only communists should celebrate the working man); as I certainly did not give you any cause to go there. After all, I was talking about ‘democratic reform’.

    FYI, I am not an ideologue (such as you) who at risk of being censored by his party can only espouse one way of thinking, but take from everywhere what I think and believe to be true, regardless of where and of what ‘ism it comes from.

    As your next mayor, one of the first things I will do is to rename Main Street in Blairmore, back to Tim Buck Road. This in order to reclaim our proud heritage… for which, I am sure Fred Bradley and company will be so delighted to hear that we are preserving our heritage in the area of working men standing up for what is right, rather than concentrating solely on gangsters and mine bosses whose only claim to fame is the exploitation of the people, for their own selfish aggrandizement.

    After that, I will see to the creation of the Republic of the Crowsnest. Our independent state will see to the reopening of the mines that will create full employment again for the masses here, which in turn will create a real estate boom that I as a ‘capitalist’ realtor will benefit from handsomely. :-) In addition, I will see to it that the greedy banks and corporations that currently exploit our people to no end will be made to make restitution, resulting in a financial ‘bonanza’ for the people whose lives will be much improved. Now there is a dream worth living for.

    I could go on and on with the great things I would do as mayor (dictator), but I think you know where I am coming from… COMRADE. /btw if you and others don’t agree with me, well then… I will have you SHOT!!! :-) lol

  9. Jose says:

    Guess I struck a nerve or two. Not sure who you will use as a police force to do your bidding when you are Mayor — they are “tasered out” and may not respond to your requests in a timely fashion, if at all……

    Best of luck in running the Republik; it won’t be long before we are back into the same old mess as now after you impliment Utopia. The 50% of the people that are working and supporting the 50% that are getting the your Govt handouts, will soon see the light, quit working and show up at the Mayor’s office. Then what?

    Well, got to run and read up on Michael Moore’s “Capitalism is Evil” movie reviews. That he’s onto something is axiomatic, but he is sure enjoying dressing down, taking his kids to exclusive New York private schools and hob-nobbing with the evil capitalists, while playing the savior of the working class.

    John, will have to hail you down during one of your daily jogs and have a coffee. Keep up the good fight. BTW, I have no political affiliation and vote for whomever I consider the best to get the job done.

  10. John Prince says:

    I’m kind of hoping I can get Barney Fife (Andy Griffith) to be our Bylaw Officer. I want somebody who is passionate about law enforcement and will do whatever it takes to enforce our bylaws, especially the Unsightly Premises Bylaw. I’m sure the mayor and those other criminals who flaunt our bylaws won’t stand a chance with Barney on the job. :-)

    On a serious note, I know things are pretty frustrating with respect to our governance and with our present social/political system. People want change and they are growing impatient… The individual feels more and more disoriented, confused, without direction, because all the means to satisfy his basic individual needs are out of his control and he is helpless in an apparently irremediable slavery of social exploitation by big business, big unions, and big governments, as well as by his own self-exploitation: due to ignorance, he sacrifices real values, like health, time, and peace of mind, for superfluous and harmful things he does not really need. That is what Harper and the others don`t understand. Business as usual is not going to do it. Real fundamental change“ needs to take place and soon, before the lid blows off the kettle, so to speak.

    Coffee, later in the week (Thursday/Friday) sounds good and we can go to Timmy’s if you like. Give me a call and let me know, or as you said, flag me down. :-)

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