Dean has no ideas?

No Ideas?

Having just visited Dean’s site I was surprised to see what appeared to be an obvious ‘plant’ of a comment followed by an answer intended to put me on the spot, and have me answer questions Dean appears unable to? Below is both the question and Dean’s answer to that question:

Q. On John Princes blog he talks about the Municipality having a spending problem. On his Mayor’s site he talks about the Municipality committing to Affordable housing, Indoor Swimming Pool, and a Community Transportation System. How can he do all of these things and reduce spending.

A. I have no idea how that is possible, but I would suggest that you put that very question to Mr Prince.

Before I deal with the question asked, I have a question of my own. Is the above answer Dean’s new campaign slogan, “I have no ideas?” :-) Not surprising as sadly his track record seems to be one of complacency; lacking in imagination and initiative. Always asking questions but never giving answers or solutions to the many problems facing our community is not my idea of how to run a municipality such as ours. For example, in a recent post of his he gives us the appraised value of the CLC but over the years has never offered any ideas as to what could and should be done with it, except sell it to the highest bidder and get rid of it. Not much vision or initiative with that solution, is there? The same can be said about the River Run development project, no ideas, no initiative, no plan and no action here either. I could go on with a whole slew of other examples, such as the ones mention by the questioner above. The point is that sadly Dean does not seem to be a man of ideas. Well, thankfully, I am!

Now, to answer the questioner’s question with respect to how things can get done while also not taxing our residents out of their homes?

First of all, if you read my blog and election website you will see that I have already answered these questions but I will summarize as follows, but first. Today on the radio, I heard where Pincher Creek is getting a new $12m seniors development that will be completed by next spring by a company whose investment in this project is the first they have made in this province. Why did they not invest here? Why does nobody invest here while they do invest everywhere else around us? It’s simple, we are rightfully perceived as a community to not do business in. For years, under our current mayor, we have had firewalls up that kept investors out and kept things the way they are, in. This in my opinion was a deliberate and calculated move by the powers that be in this community to maintain their control and status quo within the community. After all, according to their way of thinking, it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. In this regard, whereas Irwin and his gang over the years have continually put another brick in the wall, Dean’s actions, in all fairness, over this last term has put a crack in their firewall. I intend to finish the job, by smashing this rotten edifice, that has held this community back, to the ground.

Second, our priorities have been all wrong. This mayor and current and past councils have taxed our taxpayers beyond measure and pumped all this money into ‘questionable’ infrastructure projects at the expense of everything else, including: affordable housing, seniors housing, a new community centre (with indoor pool), an efficient and all inclusive public transportation system, emergency shelters, etc…. and the list goes on.

My plan will be to change our priorities while holding down taxes (the later will not be difficult as for years they have risen to what they are today in order to fund all the ‘questionable’ infrastructure projects we have been saddled with). With the above in mind and giving it my full attention, at least for the first year or two, I would work closely with my council, CAO (administration), chamber of commerce, community futures and other key players (including our different levels of government both provincially and federally) in seeing what can be done to encourage and entice business and industry to our area, as well as to deal with our long neglected social inclusion issues.

No rock will be left unturned, no idea will be considered to small or impossible, and no resource will be left untapped. Naysayers and do nothings will be shown to the back of the bus and those with vision, know how, experience and the ‘can do’ types, no matter their station in life, will be given every opportunity to bring their vision and ideas to the front, where they will have a chance at fruition. In doing so, we will “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and latch onto the affirmative”.

My council will be one of ideas and initiatives… and action!

On October 18th, vote John Prince for Mayor


An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.

from John Prince
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6 Responses to Dean has no ideas?

  1. Fred Poirier says:

    Hi John,
    correct me if I’m wrong
    “CLC” stands for Community Learning Center.
    If I recall correctly this was also a society created with public money for the Community as a whole. If so why not find out who was on the Board of that society it would probably explain why it should be sold fast and kept quiet.
    We have the same problem here with those societies not accountable to anyone and wasting public money like you say “DRUNK SAILORS”

  2. John Prince says:

    Hi Fred,
    CLC stands for Crowsnest Learning Centre and yes it too like yours was a closed society that for the most part was not accountable to the taxpayer and as a result it cost us plenty in both money and tearing this community apart. Like you, I agree tax funded entities need to be held accountable to those who pay their way.

    FYI, the board has been disbanded and the property has recently been appraised and hopefully we soon will be able to turn the page and move on, but like I said, not without having paid a price.

    Kudos to Dean and his band of merry men for successfully dealing with this long standing and divisive issue.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Exactly John, by just putting up an open for business sign will change that area to no ends.
    I believe the biggest hurdle you will have will be your Community Futures bunch because of they’re interests in keeping the Pass in the past, no matter what flag they “claim” to be flying.

    Taco Tom

  4. Fred Poirier says:

    Hi John,
    I never heard of a “CLOSED SOCIETY”.
    A society you don’t pay tax for that privilege your book has to be open to the public for them to decide if this is justified. The only watch dog for a society is the public the society office at the government is just to keep track of the records, no power what so ever for the direction.
    Here we had a society that gives money to a second one which gives money to a third one that belongs to a Board member of society number 1 then the money dissapears POLLUTED OR WHAT? When you are ELECTED you have “POWER” to do GOOD or BAD, but if you have no conscience you already have the result.
    Create a provincial society to manage a federal one is just to avoid responsibility and you have the power to appoint yourself as a volunteer on the Board of that society to be able to hide everything from the public until someone get suspicious and you have to declare you activity.
    Now you see the result I’m not running for Mayor I’m running away, run all you want you can’t hide, we know what you did.

  5. Fred Poirier says:

    Hi John,
    I like to clarify thing with you because I have the same problem up here.
    The Crowsnest Learning Center is the assets of the Crowsnest Learning Center Society am I right on this? You stated “the board has been disbanded” and the property has recently been appraised. First question who has the right to play with the assets of a society that has no board? The assets have been recently appraised for what? I never heard before today that you can sell the assets of a society but I know you have to give those assets to another society with the same interests or they go back to the Crown. I bet you there was enough money wasted there to do all the things that you want to do which the Dean thinks is impossible.
    I really believe that Dean knows about selling the assets of a society and that’s why he’s very prudent about saying what he would do with that, maybe he has a really good reason to tell you that he has no idea. Lots of questions here
    #1 If we sell that what are we going to do with the money?
    #2 We can’t keep it can we?
    #3 Can we give it to someone that is not a society?
    #4 Can we do all this without a Board of Directors?

  6. John Prince says:

    Your question and concerns should have been directed to Dean but I will attempt to answer them here the best I can.

    The CLC assets belonged to the board (society) who over the years raised funds to purchase furnishings, etc. The society through the board disposed of these assets before disbanding as was their right and duty.

    Now, the land and buildings always belonged to the municipality and these now are in the process of being dealt with by council, and therefore the appraisal.

    Hope this helps!

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