Democracy in Action!

Democracy in Action

Just did a mass emailing of my last blog post to all the members of parliament in Ottawa, except the conservatives (they have enough problems without hearing what I think of them and their shenanigans). I’m sure once the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc read my post it will encourage them even more to form a coalition to take this country forward, that obviously the conservatives were unwilling or unable to do because of their build-in biases and small-mindedness.

On the home front, for years we have had a local MLA (Coutts), a mayor who is a long standing member of the conservative party here in this province, and for decades a conservative provincial government. Despite all that we here in the Crowsnest Pass got ‘nothing’! Maybe, some federal attention needs to be brought here to check into why that is?

I know that Western Economic Diversification (Federal Ministry) that oversees our local Community Futures (Economic Development) office, is presently looking into why these entities that are suppose to be lending out money to community economic development initiatives and local individual entrepreneurship, have instead, for years, been hoarding the money instead of loaning it out to the people, as is suppose to be their mandate.

Back when I was on council, I found out (and spoke out about) our local Community Futures Bank having over $1 million dollars sitting in their bank, for three years running. Today, I hear that figure is $2.7 million. Back then and today, I still have people coming to me telling me they have either been given the brush off outright, or been denied help, after due process, in financing their economic initiatives.

My point is we as a community have suffered economic stagnation for too many years for it to be an accident or just bad luck. We need an investigation into why our fortunes have been so bad, while all our neighbours are ‘enjoying’ relative prosperity compared to us.

Maybe, an email campaign needs to be initiated to Western Economic Diversification, our provincial ‘conservative’ government (probably a waste of time), and the federal government?


The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change everything – or nothing.

from John Prince
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  1. Its shocking to hear of your hatred for democracy in Canada. The people spoke 7 weeks ago, only to find out that no ones vote mattered due to a backroom deal brokered BEFORE the election.


  2. John Prince says:

    If you believe that you will believe anything.

    What is really shocking is how Harper dropped the ball and Canadians all over the country are scrabbling, because of his ‘ineptitude’ at governance.

    However, a coalition will soon correct that problem.

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