Goodale Welcomes New Role As Deputy Leader

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September 7, 2010


REGINA – Wascana Member of Parliament, Ralph Goodale, says he is delighted to be taking up new responsibilities this fall as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Official Opposition in the House of Commons.

In government for more than 12 years, Mr. Goodale has extensive federal cabinet experience in several portfolios, including Agriculture, Natural Resources, Government House Leader, Public Works and Finance. Since the 2006 election, he has served 4½ years as Opposition House Leader for the Liberal Party.

His promotion to Deputy Opposition Leader was announced today in Ottawa by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

“As I continue a vigorous outreach program this fall and winter, engaging Canadians face-to-face in communities from coast-to-coast, I need Ralph’s steady hand in Ottawa guiding our parliamentary team,” said Ignatieff.

In addition to representing the Leader in Question Period and in other Ottawa functions when Mr. Ignatieff is on-the-road, the new role of Deputy Leader will also include chairing the group of Liberal M.P.’s who devise strategy and tactics for the Official Opposition.

Mr. Goodale will also be closely involved in Liberal Platform development for the next election, and in the design and communication of key Liberal economic positions. As the senior Liberal M.P. from the prairies, with seven election victories to his credit, he will also play a leading role in work to strengthen the Party’s standing in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.

Mr. Goodale said, “Michael Ignatieff has done a tremendous job this summer – traveling 40,000 kilometres to more than 140 events in communities large and small in every corner of this country, connecting with thousands of ordinary Canadians who want their political representatives to be up-front and personal, and genuinely in touch with what matters to average, middle-income families.”

“With the return of Parliament on September 20th, our task this fall and winter will be to build on the momentum Mr. Ignatieff has generated with a cohesive, effective performance in Parliament to reinforce the Leader’s on-going outreach activity.”

“Stephen Harper’s priorities are apparently prisons and fighter planes. But Liberal priorities are those of Canadian families – strong, sustainable public health care, access to higher education and decent job prospects for their kids, help in caring for their loved ones, and a secure retirement.”

“These are the issues people raised with Mr. Ignatieff this summer, and these are the issues the Liberal Team will be taking to Parliament this Fall,” Mr. Goodale concluded.

Iggy couldn’t have picked a better man for this position in my opinion. It shows he has good sense and is not scared to put the best person forward into a position that is in this case just one step removed from actual leadership, which is where, like I have said in the past, I think Ralph should be, and hopefully will be one day. Good for Iggy and good for Ralph!! And good for CANADA!!!

from John Prince
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