Divide and Conquer…. I think not!

Divide and Conquer

As a socio-political activist who religiously studies how governments interact with their citizens with respect to the sharing and (mis)use of power and having just finished reading another book on this subject by Noam Chomsky Understanding Power the one over-riding conclusion or realization I’ve come to is that governments and people in power LOVE to divide and conquer. I mean, it really is their modus operandi.

Which brings me back to the Pass and the recent release of the Municipal Inspection Report and its #1 recommendation of “dissolution”. Dissolution: the breaking up our community. Throwing us out into the sea like so much useless flotsam. All because Edmonton perceives us as being dysfunctional and argumentative, and too much trouble. Well, as someone who has since my council days been accused of having the very same characteristics I believe I am qualified to talk on this subject. :-)

In the eyes of the powers that be we are dysfunctional and argumentative, and too much trouble. That much is true. But the part they got wrong is in saying we have never come together as a community. That’s the part where they are completely out to lunch. As anyone who has ever lived here for any amount of time can vehemently attest to. Whether it be disasters (natural or man-made), emergencies, or whatever, our unique and distinctive five towns have always come together as one to collectively pull through. As what we will do again with this threat of dissolution coming from Edmonton. The fight they will have on their hands will clearly show them how very wrong their judgement on us is.

Edmonton may think along the lines of divide and conquer by splitting us up and scattering us to the four winds, but our “Mountain Freedom” Spirit cannot be so easily blown away, like dust in the wind. We will fight! Even if it means separation. Declaring ourselves an independent country “The Republic of the Crowsnest Pass”. Setting up toll booths at either end of our community and from these proceeds alone ensuring every man, woman and child living here will be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Okay, I was only kidding…. or was I? :-)

Seriously, they want to divide and conquer us, because that’s what they do. We on the other hand are not going to let them. How we go about this depends on who we elect to the mayor and council chairs this time around.

Will it be the same old gang we have now who are largely responsible for this turn of events and who many think are in cahoots with Edmonton? Or will it be with another bunch of elite ‘good ole boys’ who can’t see beyond their own self-serving ways, caring ^not for the greater good of all in our community but only for themselves, as what they have so clearly demonstrated over recent decades in getting us into the mess we now find ourselves in.

No people, neither new school or old school are capable or willing to change their spots and do what is right for this community. They are both too territorial pitting one side of the community against the other in a never-ending Hatfield-McCoy feud. What is needed is bridge building, a new way of looking at things, and a new way of acting to fix that which is broken and in danger of being discarded like so much trash.

The “middle-way” as what I have been advocating is our only prudent course of action, if we want to finally get serious about fixing things here for once and for all.

United we stand, divided we fall!


The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    actually dissolution wasn’t the #1 recommendation, it was the 86th.

    “86. Council requests a viability review by the Minister of Municipal Affairs”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bill Kovach is running for Council!

  3. John Prince says:

    Anon @1:30
    In the Conclusion section it was #1.

    As an aside, I found it both interesting and distressing though on how and why they came up with this out of the blue? I would have thought if they wanted to go down this road they might have suggested going back to a Ward System. But no, they came out with dissolution instead???

    Anon @1:45
    First I’ve heard of this? If true, then Bill being more qualified and experienced than Blair shows more common sense and less ego than the latter in being willing to learn the ropes first as a councillor, rather than taking on airs and jumping into something that’s over most people’s heads.


  4. Anonymous says:

    If the objective is to do get the Crowsnest Municipality back on track, we need the best people on council to do this. That includes having a person like John Prince in the local government. With a three way mayor race that means we won’t get that chance. Too bad. There’s a lot of heavy lifting needed to right the wrongs of Da Mayor and his Dwarfs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This community is in its present state because we have been victimized by poor leadership and been browbeaten (hillbillies, wannabes, incompetent, riff raff, you name it)we have been labelled by the mayor and as such we have had our identity taken away our history and mining heritage to become nothing but a community depicted by peaks, and soon our individual communities will become nothing but a mountain pass (crowsnest) where you stop to relieve yourself, refuel on gas, and coffee and continue on your merry way. Such progress??? The new council has to restore our trust, our respect, our unity by showing us that they care and are willing to right the wrongs we have been forced to suffer through the last three years. They will need our support but only if we are involved in serious decisions which will impact us all. (such as dissolution) which will never happen.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A good example of Crowsnest Pass not coming to terms that it is one municipality is that you, John Prince, still refers to the communities as “towns”. They have not been “towns” for 30 years!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bellevue, Hillcrest, Frank, Blairmore, and Coleman. Not towns that make up the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass? According to you, what should we call them…. suburbs?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Take our $ debt amount the municipality now has and divide it by the tax paying population. Where do we stand?

    Take the operational budget for municipality for the next three years and divide it by the tax paying population. Are we a viable entity? Take into account what costs our present mayor/council/administration have listed.

    There will be little increase in the industrial tax base for the next four years. The tax burden will fall on the individual tax payers. If we cannot maintain our roads, infrastructure, and other basic needs, we are a candidate for bankruptcy.

    There is no magic fix. We are like a household where two people worked and had a house renovation, new car, vacation and other toys on the buy list. One of us lost our job. Rather than say ” hey, we’d better regroup and see what we cannot afford to buy, we (the mayor et al) proceeded on the original spending plan. Then we said ” don’t worry, one of us will get a job”. In the meantime we topped off the credit card and said things aren’t that bad, because the NEW motor home we didn’t buy has been cancelled. Aren’t we great managers. Welcome to the Crowsnest Pass.

  9. Anonymous says:

    8:40, you are very dramatic.
    There are still quite a lot of businesses that pay tax in Blairmore.
    It is not just taxpayers that own the houses. It could be worse.
    Calgary taxes have gone up 30% in 3 years. Would you like to be there?

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