Happiness never decreases by….

…. being shared.

Sasha JaegerBaird: Effective Councillor

The other day I did a post about Sasha JaegerBaird, stating in essence how happy I was to see her running for a seat on council and that I thought she had the potential to be an ‘effective’ councillor.

Well today, I met her for the first time for coffee and had a pleasant 2-1/2 hour conversation dealing primarily with municipal business, and the election. I left pleased to have met her and to feel I now had a new friend. Well, a ‘new friend’ is an understatement… she is now my best friend! :-) :-) :-) Here’s why…

Who would I rather work with??


Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

from John Prince
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  1. Chloe says:

    Ms. JaegerBaird, all the very best for your campaign. Your real life experience is what is sorely needed on the new council. In my town, we are hoping to say goodbye to a Mayor of fifteen years plus a handful of incumbents of fifteen years as well. Their ideas are old and tired, their views jaded and passe. We would also like to be rid of the town’s only biased rag, er, um newspaper. Hopefully your election will not be blindsided by a spiteful, bratty media. Take care.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and your vote of confidence Chloe. It is appreciated.

    It sounds like your council sounds a bit familiar. lol

    Yes, I agree I hope the media is fair and considerate.

    And please, call me Sasha. :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m not criticizing Sasha here, and I appreciate her comments regarding the fact that Bruce Decoux has not yet bothered to contact her. However, I’m wondering how many, if any, of the candidates running for council have bothered to contact Bruce or you, John? Should it be up to a mayoral candidate to “touch base” with those running for council, or does it really matter who contacts who, if at all? I’m also wondering whether it’s prudent for someone to come out and publically endorse another candidate. Maybe it is, I don’t know. This happened earlier in the week in Calgary, but the mayoral endorsements came from two people who had just dropped out of the race. I wonder whether the general public cares one way or another when these types of endorsements are made. Is it possible that voter’s perceptions of you could be influenced by endorsements? Might it just as easily work for you, as against you? Remember, this is the Crowsnest Pass, not Calgary. Has everyone not heard the saying, “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”

    I don’t know any of the new faces running for council and I’ll likely base my decision on who I vote for by listening to them at the forum and reading their comments to questions posed to them by the local papers. I’m also waiting for some of those running for council/mayor to show up at MY door. Thus far, I’ve had one fellow take the time to do this. Then again, there’s still 29 days, 10 hours remaining!

    Also, I notice the Sept. 27th Public Forum is scheduled for the Elks Hall in Blairmore. Any idea what the seating capacity is here? Will there be enough room? Would there not have been more space at MDM in Bellevue?

    P.S. At the moment, I’m pulling for Sasha (an endorsement for now). However, I still need to hear more from her.

  4. John Prince says:

    Speaking for myself only, I must say you have raised a lot of interesting and thought provoking questions that I will leave to others to decide on for themselves.

    What I will say, however, is I believe it is important this time to try my best to build a team beforehand that I believe I can best work with and vice versa, with the hope this team and I can effectively move this community forward in a positive and progressive manner, rather than leaving it to chance and being saddled with a ‘dysfunctional’ council from the get-go. I want people to help me build a team by voting for such, rather than strickly on the individual. With this in mind, I see no problem with mayoral candidates supporting certain councillors. Nor council candidates stating for the record whom they would prefer to work with and see in the mayor’s chair. The only difference is, I, and now Sasha, have decided to do it out in the open, rather than how our mayor, Bruce and Jerry for example, are doing it behind closed doors, so to speak.

    The other point that you raise that I would like to address is the fact we will be having only one candidates forum, which as it turns out will be held a full three weeks before people actually go to the polls? This in combination with the power of our media in this town with their Q&A and other avenues to make or break a candidate’s chances bodes well for the establishment types, but not for everybody else. This is not fair or right, but then again, this is Crowsnest Pass politics practised by the elites and establishment types who are in control, and care little about right and wrong, when it comes to their retaining power and influence. In future, we need to find a fairer and more equitable way of conducting our elections so that candidates are not held captive by biased establishment media and a CC that can’t seem either buy accident or design to get their act together, having three years between elections to do so to ensure forums are held closer to the actual election date and that suitable facilities are available for hosting them (the Elk’s Hall, I’m sure, will prove to be ‘totally’ inadequate for this purpose).

    In addition, with the above in mind, basing your decision on who to vote for on your ability to ‘maybe’ being able to attend one forum that possibly 200-300 people (out of a population of 5800) might be able to fit into, followed by the medias ‘spin’ on this event, and a ‘questionable’ Q&A piece in the papers followed by weeks of ‘paid’ propaganda, does not an informed public make. Then again, as I have already stated, this is Crowsnest Pass politics at its worst, and the elites and establishment types like it this way. With the changing of the guard after this election, I promise you things will be done differently come the next one. I guarantee you that!

  5. Anonymous says:


    Personally, I don’t have a problem with candidates endorsing each other. I applaud you & Sasha for bringing this out in the open. I’m wondering, though, whether it’s a bit risky. On the other hand, if what you say is true regarding those other candidates, this is something that voters should be concerned about. I’m not very pleased to hear this, at all. In order for Crowsnest Pass to move forward, we need fresh, new ideas and new people at the helm. The last thing we need is to have our new mayor and new council controlled by someone from the past. Look at the mess we’re in. Do we want more of the same?

    People also want answers to some of the things that are occurring, and have occurred, in CNP over the past several terms. The way things are beginning to unfold, we may not get them come October 19th.

    In regards to the location of the public forum, what happens if the public turns out en masse and there’s not enough room for all to enter the building. Could it cause a riot? Might it be reason to hold a second forum, closer to the election?

  6. Thank you for bringing this up, and thank you for your support.

    I just thought I should reply to these well taken points.

    Yes, I agree. Anytime when you endorse another candidate during an election is risky. But when put on the spot and openly asked who I would rather work with, I will not lie or hide behind political mumble jumble. I believe in speaking the truth. That is who I am.

    As I was asked this question in public, should I hide my answer on my Blog? It would have come out anyway. I’d rather be upfront. Unlike some people we are aware of.

    Truth is, if there had been more than 2 candidates running at the time I was asked, and I knew someone else better, and thought that they would be better suited for the job, I might have had a much different answer. You just never know.

    The questions was “who I would rather work with for Mayor”. I answered, honestly. I also gave my reasons.

    I feel that the public should know how the candidates feel about who they might potentially be working with. Like John said, we are making a team here. Do we want more of the same?? A team that is dysfunctional?? Or a team that are of like mind and can work well together??

    As John already knows, he and I won’t always see eye to eye. I am my own person. I vote after all the facts are presented and thoughtfully gone through. Nobody influences me!! That is why I think I will be good on council.

    I hope this helps you understand my reasonings behind what I said and wrote.

    I still feel that John is the best candidate for the job of Mayor. I see no reason not to endorse him.

    If I thought another person running for council was a good choice to be on council, I would encourage people to vote for them too. I have nothing to hide. I tell it like it is.

    I just want to see a good council this time and for in the future!!

    BTW, thank you again for your support.

    As for door knocking, I’m not sure where you live, but to let you know, I have been out knocking on doors. It could just be that the person you mentioned you saw already, lived in your neighborhood. As the people in my neighborhood have seen me. Just an observation.

    As well, I have been out almost every day, for the last two weeks, going to businesses.

    I’d be more than happy to come to your door, if I knew where it was. Just leave me a message on my Camapaign Website “Contact Me” page. I’d love to personally talk with you.

    Thank you for your thoughts and concerns.

    I hope to see you around the community.

    Sincerely –

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