We are more enslaved and under control

….  than you realize.

Registry Office

I went to the Registry Office recently to have a search done on a non-profit corporation (Society) to find out I had to pay $11.50 for this privilege (service), while also having to sign a document and provide ID, with ‘my information’ being transposed onto a document of theirs.

I was so upset at this expense, invasion and ‘big brother’ bureaucracy (I think if we paid for less bureaucracy we would all be further ahead) that on Feb. 10th, I sent off a letter of complaint to my local ‘conservative’ MLA’s Constituency Office, by way of an email. Only to get no reply? So I sent off another one on Feb. 22 to his ‘other’ email address, only to still get no reply?

I tell ya,

things aren’t what they used to be

… in more ways than one… :-(

The only thing I can think of is he’s at the Olympics on my dime, which came from fees such as the one above… We are so blessed by having a government that knows how to take care of business (for themselves), while monitoring our every move.

UPDATE: My ‘friend’ Evan has just won ‘GOLD’ in my books! He’s proved to me we have a representative that truly works on behalf of all constituents, regardless of their party affiliation or ideology… which is the way it should be! Way to go Evan! For restoring faith in our democratic system, and proving to me there is at least one ‘good conservative politician’ out there. :-)

Response Letter from MLA Evan Berger

Thank you for ‘taking care of business’ in such a ‘professional’ manner.

p.s. My apologies for putting too sort a time-line on my expectations. I will give that due consideration in the future. Again, Thank You Evan!


I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.

from John Prince
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2 Responses to We are more enslaved and under control

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are very correct in that statement of being upset. What is insulting in your story is it’s not the $11.50 for the service you are not getting any service you are the one who is providing the service to the public by trying to find out how those society spend the public dollars. Those societies are not accountable to anyone except the public no watch dog nothing. The society office is just a registry office. Those societies spend the public money they pay no tax and our governments at all levels are hiding behind them. We found out some of those societies have up to 25 million dollars in their bank account. One society gives money to another society which passes that money on to another society until the money disappear.
    Believe me I checked lots of them over the years.

    -Joe Blow

  2. John Prince says:

    Let me say truer words have never been spoken with respect to your comment. Community Futures and Western Economic Diversification (W.E.D.) are perfect examples of government money going to a society, only to disappear down a hole of societies within societies, with little to no accountability to the taxpayer.

    When you question what is going on the system tries to block you every way they can in order to keep their little game going of creating jobs and opportunities for them and their friends only, while screwing the taxpayer.

    More of us every day are getting hip to their game, and soon their game will be up.

    Thanks for your comment Joe!

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