The Facts of Community Futures

Facts of Community Futures

How appropriate with New Year’s fast approaching to look back at the past year(s) and reflect on our community’s economic woes. In this regard, Community Futures is deserving of special attention, considering our stagnant (declining) economy and ongoing business closures. Taxes are going up (again) and the cost of utilities is going up as well. The Pass is awash with vacant commercial spaces, and developments such as River Run continue to struggle and/or fail to get off the ground.

During the good times we saw little progress and now with the hard times upon us there seems to be little hope. Which begs the question, what is going on and where has all the money gone? Our community by way of Community Futures has received countless millions of dollars over the years from both our federal and provincial governments, but the community as a whole has gotten little if anything to show for it?

Is this not more of the same of what I have already recently written about on Dean’s blog with respect to how the Centre was set up and being run for the benefit of the elite in our community, at our expense? Is not Community Futures more of the same i.e. a personal bank for the well-to-do in our community, to be used by them as they see fit solely for their benefit, but with all taxpayers picking up the tab? Once again, it seems, We get to pay, for them to play.

Over the years, how many budding entrepreneurs and small business people have been denied grants, business loans and help because of systemic greed, cronyism and nepotism running rampant throughout our local institutions?

Western Economic Diversification (a Federal body) with Community Futures offices throughout Western Canada, including our own in Blairmore, seem to be oblivious to what is really going on at the street level. Nor, do they apparently care, as exemplified by the following videos.

The videos below, although dealing primarily with a Community Futures office in B.C. on Vancouver Island, is typical, I think, of a growing economic problem throughout Western Canada, because of how some of them are being (mis)managed solely for the personal benefit of a small elite. In this regard, I feel many of the issues and problems stated here can and do apply to our own Community Futures office in Blairmore.

The facts about Community Futures Development Corporation. A bunch of non-elected people run our local economy through a Federal Incorporated Corporation that is not accountable to anyone.

Western Diversification, a federal program that allows their Community Futures offices to play favourites (nepotism) and as a result is mismanaged and ineffective. Works against the principals of small business. Offices are run for the personal benefit of a small elite.

Where is the transparency? Members of the board are nominated but by who, where and when? “Looks like the bureaucrats get the gold, but small business gets the shaft.”

The next three videos show how the bureaucrats can mislead the public when they are in charge of a program which they’re suppose to inform the public. How insulting can this be? How can the federal government create good programs like this that they put a lot of effort in designing and managing, yet then allow them to be run so loosey-goosey that it becomes a federal trough for a few selected people?


We have far more to fear from an unaccountable government at home than from any foreign terrorist.

from John Prince
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4 Responses to The Facts of Community Futures

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi John,
    Thats an interesting story but I’m going to be straight up with you as to why I’m keeping up on your Blog.
    Quite simply I find your site very informative and entertaining and believe that you should look at doing it on a professional level. After all, if there is something that can put a place on the map, it’s controversy. Get involved with a magazine and do your calling…WRITE!
    Whether you say what everyone wants to hear or not, kissed, kicked, praised or pi**ed on, keep up the good work.


  2. John Prince says:

    Well thanks for that Dan. I do appreciate it and will be taking what you say under due consideration.

    I wonder if Community Futures would consider giving me a loan to help me with a potential writing career, and in doing so, put the Crowsnest Pass on the map? :-) Maybe they or others would take out an ad on my blog? ;-)

    You’ve got my mind racing now, with all sorts of ideas and potentials based on being a professional writer. Lord knows, real estate ain’t cutting it these days, and being blackballed by organizations such as Community Futures, and others, doesn’t help either. In fact, the blackballing has gotten so bad that they have finally starved us out. My wife and I are putting our house up on the market on Monday. I will then be ready for a move and a change. Maybe, a return to B.C., who knows? Stay in touch, I might visit. :-)

    The sad truth is, in the Pass, if you speak the truth, you have to leave immediately after. The people here can’t handle the truth, and that is why they live in a world of lies and make believe.

    Tired of the stupidity and futility in trying to get people to go forward, when all they want to do is to go backwards, living in the past. Which makes me think of a quote that fits right in here and that I will close with. Nice talking with you again Dan.

    The past does not exist. The future has not begun. The present is an infinitely small point in time in which the already nonexistent past meets the imminent future. At this point, which is timeless, a person’s real life exists.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Adventure is a good thing.

  4. John Prince says:

    You’re right! That I learned early in life and have always practiced…

    “It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.”

    “Unprovided with original learning, unformed in the habits of thinking, unskilled in the arts of composition, I resolved to write a book.”

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