Federal Election

Federal Election


Federal Election

Critical time? Critical election? Yes! Damn right!!… Like the States, it is going to boil down to a choice between the ‘Right’, and the ‘other guys’. If the Right wins again, Fascism (Bushscism) will rule. Corporations and GREED will have a field-day, and the people will be exploited, and plundered for all they are worth (sort of like what Wally-World, Big Oil, Cable/Utility, Banks, Credit Card companies, etc., are already doing, but much, much more of the same), with the help of a compliant and willing Conservative government as their ‘partner’.

Harper with a ‘majority’ will have an end result of a complete paradigm shift for Canadians, in terms of social values, ethics, morals, justice, equality, freedoms and liberties. Don’t kid yourself, they are the ‘Reform Party’ of ‘law and order’, ‘fire and brimstone’, an ‘eye-for-an-eye’, RIGOUR! INTOLERANCE!… MEDIOCRITY!!! They are the party of CONVICTIONS. But remember, “people of fixed convictions do not count when it comes to determining what is fundamental in values and lack of values. People of fixed convictions are prisoners of their convictions.”

Whether you are talking Bush, McCain or their want-to-be Harper, the following quote sums them all up pretty well, I think:

Republicans (Conservatives) do not believe that people can work together and help each other so they do not believe in government and law. Instead they believe in a dog-eat-dog, everyone on-their-own and out-for-themselves society where the strongest survive and it doesn’t matter what happens to everyone else. So whenever conservatives gain power they abuse it and use it to get money for themselves and their friends.

We need a return to decency, by putting the mean-spiritedness of the past behind us.

So I guess you know who I’m NOT voting for. :-) :-(


Hearing that feelings of despair and inferiority are unequally distributed does not move conservatives. Under meritocracy, it is just deserts.

from John Prince
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