Fred Poirier says: Know your A.B.C.’s

Anybody but Conservative, says Fred Poirier

As the picture below shows, my good friend Fred Poirier over on the island is doing his part this election to ensure people there know their A.B.C.’s – “Anybody but Conservative”.

Fred Poirier

Good work Fred! :-)

UPDATE: (April 25)
It has been brought to my attention that all Art work and creativity of such in the sign above in the picture was done by none other than Sara Ann Poirier.

My apologies for not paying tribute to masterful work performed by a ‘slave’ for her ‘master’, without due reward and recompense. :-)


A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.

from John Prince
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  1. Peter Rosner says:

    so you have unmasked the infamous Fred Poirier for your readers. Looks like hes doing something constructive with himself good on him. Might even have a military background with that salute a sign of discipline. Maybe we can get more of these from some of your ANON comments——Good Luck Fred

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