Future Direction: Back to the Past, or….

…. Forward into the Future.

What will be our Future Direction?

Is that where this community is headed after Monday’s municipal election here? Some think if certain people get in that is exactly where we are headed, back into the past…. instead of into the future. Which of these two options will ultimately be our future direction?

I mean look at Painter, Kovach, Lazzarotto, and Ward. Prior to this election did we ever hear from Painter? The answer is no. He was satisfied with his role within the fire department and status quo in the community, despite the fact our municipality was being run into the ground with two decades of authoritarian rule by our former mayor resulting in economic stagnation and serious population decline. Kovach and Lazzarotto despite their many years with Community Futures never delivered anything of a substantive nature to this community during all that time. Nor did Dean during his two terms on council.

The above four people’s whole platform is very similar boiling down to cut, slash, and burn. That is all they ever talk about, or have ever done (remember Dean’s successful crusade to get rid of our spring and fall clean-ups). For example, go on Dean’s blog and check out for yourself instances where he talks about ways to build community. There’s none, for he like the others lack imagination and vision for they are stuck in the past wanting nothing better than to keep us there.

Others of their ilk want that too, especially those from old school. You can see this for yourself by visiting some of our local Facebook groups on-line. These people, who normally are rational and intelligent somehow when it comes to municipal elections here in the Pass undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, reverting to a zombie type state refusing to do their homework by doing basic research on those candidates running for election. Having, for many, pre-decided the outcome of this election even before it was officially called? Blair Painter and those from the Ratepayer Executive who are running, along with their advisers Dean Ward and Shar Lazzarotto are the chosen ones without quantification.

Now I ask you, do you blame me for posting what I did in my last post in trying to encourage those who are ignorant, ill-informed and lazy from voting in this municipal election? For it is these very people who in all likelihood will decide the ultimate outcome of our election, and future direction, and yet they are the very ones who are the least capable of making informed, rational, reasoned decisions on our behalf. Therefore I urged these people to stay home and not vote rather than endanger our community with the ramifications of their decisions, as what they did in the last election when they voted en masse for a name not even knowing the man.

Unless, of course, they break from the past by taking on the responsibility of being independent of both mind and purpose in researching for themselves who is best fit to not only lead this community, but to move it forward in a manner conducive to a future built on growth and prosperity for all, and not just for the elites and special interest groups only.

Growth and prosperity for all will not come from those with proven track records of never having delivered on either in the past for this community. Nor will it come from voters who vote blindly for a slate, rather than on individual merit based on sound reasoning utilizing ones own little grey cells.

There is two days left for people to get their act together and in doing so coming to the realization that going back in time is not an option, but moving forward is. The future direction of our municipality is at stake here. We need to get it right!



Past is a nice place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay.

from John Prince
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13 Responses to Future Direction: Back to the Past, or….

  1. Anonymous says:

    The four individuals you mention in this post John have something else in common besides wanting to take this community backwards and that is they’ve collectively spent tons of money in trying to buy this election. Will it pay off for them? Hope not!

  2. Anonymous says:

    A vote for Decoux is a lost vote. Vote Prince instead.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There will also be an immunization clinic on Monday in Blairmore.

  4. Gary Taje says:

    Got to say, I miss CNP politics.

  5. Gary Taje says:

    Maybe thats it John, but like you, I enjoy it.

  6. John Prince says:

    I enjoy it alright Gary but still have problems with the hypocritical self-righteousness of those with too much respect on their minds and too little courage and integrity in their hearts.


  7. Anonymous says:

    When u get in As Mayor- please make revisions to the candidate sign bylaw- absolutely ridiculous how large and unsightly the one candidate is. Betting his ego is just as big. So he has all this money – big deal obviously he isn’t concerned with pinching pennies.

  8. John Prince says:

    This comment below belongs between the two Gary ones above. I inadvertently deleted it by mistake. To the best of my recollection this is what I remember saying….

    Sucker for punishment Gary. Maybe that’s why you are running again. :-)


  9. Anonymous says:

    So now we are critical of the number of signs put up by one candidate. It’s his money so let him spend it how he likes. If he put up only a few signs he would be criticized for being over confident that he will win. I don’t think the number of signs will determine the outcome. Remember he also has to the ll of these signs down.

    We have too many bylaws as it is and need to get some of them off of the books.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, people around here need by-laws, lots of them.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Signs look nice during an election. It shows there is some action here and people are taking it seriously. Democracy is a messy business, but it works, considering all other alternatives.

  12. Anonymous says:


    With a statement like that, I would just like to suggest that you get a little BROADER education.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would prefer a KINGDOM with a good King than a Democracy with a meathead for Mayor. There is no mess in Democracy if you follow the RULES and quit B S everybody.

    Now people, vote for John and RELAX. We’ve had enough pressure from the last 3 years.

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