Gary Taje the ‘socialist’

…. is back in the fold.

Gary Taje

Happy days are here again! My friend Gary Taje is a ‘socialist’ again. Read all about it here on his blog.

His bothers and sisters have brought him back in the fold, after years of living in the ‘darkness’ of conservative ideology. :-) It is just like in Luke in the Bible “… your brother was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found.”

I must admit that once upon a time I was a conservative too (for about 1 month). I joined the party to help Gary when he ran for the Macleod/Livingstone conservative nomination in the last provincial election. I infiltrated their ranks in order to help Gary, as I figured a ‘lapsed socialist’ who lost his way would serve us better than any of the alternatives that were present at the time. Yes, I was a lamb among the wolfs and saw first hand how they devour their young. Only kidding! :-)

Anyhow, I’m glad for Gary. Don’t know what this means with respect to his council position? Is the gang of three down to a gang of two now? Understand Gary is going to fill us in on this shortly.


…. in a civilized society, there is a basic duty to protect the vulnerable. Exploitation is violating this duty.

from John Prince
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