What goes around comes around

Municipality’s Reputation

The other day some of us were talking about what a sullied reputation we now have after months of negative media coverage (locally, provincially, nationally and even internationally) with respect to this mayor and council’s (mis)mangement of our community. Our municipality’s reputation has been tarnished and smeared and continues to be because of a handful of men sitting in their ivory tower on council making us a laughing stock to the world.

Then it occurred to me that these men such as Jerry Lonsbury and his class of holier than thou, with noses so high up in the clouds I’m sure they can smell heaven, who think their sh** don’t stink because they themselves can’t smell it, come every municipal election since 2001 when I was on council, smeared my name to all who would listen to their BS that I was a hot-head, brought police to council chambers, spoiled the reputation of our community and of course my council resulted in the reactivation of the Ratepayers Association which in turn resulted in a Petition that in turn resulted in Intervention by Municipal Affairs.

Therefore, I was deemed by these illustrious, fine upstanding individuals, pillars in our community (in their minds) when compared to the rest of us riffraff who come from the other side of the tracks, as unworthy of sitting on council again. Many bought into these lies and my individual character assassination from these hypocrites who supporting the mayor at the time (being one of their own from the establishment class) and through the next decade, now claim they made a mistake. That the mayor mismanaged everything here so badly for two decades or so, doing such a terrible job of local governance of our municipal business that they now pretty much have been forced to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, while feeling they had to do so in record time, resulting in the carnage we now see all around us brought about by these ‘suits’ who obviously are too full of themselves, as was our former mayor.

I say hypocrites, because what do we have now? Déjà vu all over again is what we have. But now, with these guys in the hot seat calling the RCMP to a Town Hall Meeting to haul residents away at what many perceived to be the slightest provocation, at which same Town Hall Meeting hot-head Jerry Lonsbury flipped out verbally attacking my wife when she and the mayor were having an exchange between them that was none of his business, for which to this day he has never apologized to her or the good citizens of this community. Interesting to note that at every Ratepayers meeting since this Town Hall Meeting, except for the last one the other day, someone or other has brought this subject up asking if Jerry had apologized yet? Bullying from him and the mayor was there for all to see, but apologizes have never been forthcoming from these cowards. Continuing on, this council has themselves been responsible for the reactivation of the Ratepayers Association, a successful Petition against them signed by over 2,500 residents, along with the subsequent Intervention from Municipal Affairs which will be happening shortly, and in the meantime has garnered by itself much more negative media coverage, with even more sure to come.

Jerry and his council have done all the above, while at the same time continuing and relentlessly, as we speak, dragging our community’s name through the mud, caring little to nothing when doing so, because obviously when their kind does it, its okay.

It’s not okay, what I, former Councillor John Prince did when fighting FOR the people. But it’s okay, when they, like current Councillor Jerry Lonsbury do it, fighting AGAINST the people. Go figure?

Hypocrites is the only name that comes to mind for these people. Would you not agree?


One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.

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