Have Zionists taken over political blogging sites

…. in Canada?

Zionist Take-Over of ‘Official’ Political Blogging Sites

For those of you who have been following along (and for those of you who haven’t… catch up, by reading the last 3 or 4 posts) you should know by now that my earlier post….


…. caused quite a stir in political blogging circles, especially on Liblogs and Bloggingtories where I was tared, feathered and basically ‘crucified’ by the powers that be in those circles, lead by political Liberal bigwig (my shit don’t stink) Warren Kinsella.

Let me recap for those who didn’t follow along completely. I, in essence, posted the above linked post on Blogger that Liblogs essentially copied and posted on their site for several hours, until Mr. Kinsella (the darling Guru of Liblogs) complained (by way of throwing his weight around and threatening to deprive everyone of his ‘blessed’ presence by demanding to be removed from Liblogs unless my ‘offensive’ post was removed (although, I understand some were cheering at this prospect :-)). The old, I’m taking my ball and going home routine), after which my post was subsequently deleted from Liblogs without notice, explanation or justification, as was Kinsella’s initial complaint, along with all traces that my post ever existed.

Personally, I could care less as I do not believe I have ever posted anything there and only occasionally frequented the site (too many ‘yuppie’ “establishment” lawyer types for my liking :-)) . But seriously, what disturbed me was not only the manner in the way things were handled (that if the shoe was on the other foot, I’m sure these people would have been up in arms crying discrimination and racism louder than a Bingo winner discovering she had a winning card. And yes, lets not forget the worn out ‘anti-semetic’ line these people love to use that is a catch all and be all for any given situation, including being used to ‘unfairly’ describe my post), but the obvious arbitrariness, arrogance and total bias that was shown towards me, and my god given right to express an opinion different from theres, without being censored.

From what I now understand, the people running these ‘official’ national political blogging sites, along with their ‘groupies’, routinely push the Zionist agenda while censoring all opposition. Where for example, on the one hand they allow Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent speach to the UN to be placed word for word on their blog site(s), but delete my blog post, because it contains a link to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speach???

Without belabouring the point any further, as stated, the blog administrator of Liblogs (the ‘official’ Federal Liberal Blog site) deleted my post (and followup posts) and subsequently went on a ‘social media mission’ proudly proclaiming his actions as being justified, because he is a Jew, and therefore entitled.

“As the Jew who owns and operates Liblogs, I’m insulted you would suggest that post was official. I removed it as soon I read it.”
Jason Cherniak

The war for the public mind using ‘political censorship’ as a tool, has no business in ‘democratic’ public blogging forums. But apparently this concept is lost on these people (and the Federal political parties involved here), in their zeal to be ‘good little Zionists’.


No one is so deaf as he who will not hear.

from John Prince
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