VIDEO: Health Risk! HarperCONS dangerous to your health

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HarperCONS dangerous to your health

Health Risk Warning:

This is good. Real good! I think the Liberals have learnt from the HarperCONS in how to instill the fear of god into people, while at the same time being different, in that their message is based on truth, not on BS… like what we came to find out was the case with the CONS recent ‘ipod tax campaign’ video.


Governments need enemies to frighten their people with, frightened people being more easy to lead.

from John Prince
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3 Responses to VIDEO: Health Risk! HarperCONS dangerous to your health

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the attack ad, people in the liberal mindset are too passive. I for one am pissed at Harper I find these a necessary piece of moving forward.

  2. peter rosner says:

    The above quote by Albert Scentz Gyorgy is very applicable to the society we are living in today. This man had a sense on how far a government will go to mislead their people. That being said there are many parrells to what is occuring now since 911. Governments paronoid of their own people waiting for them to implode and turn against them. Creating enemies and people to hate in order to control their wealth selling this message to the masses that they are doing the right thing. Where have we seen this before.

  3. John Prince says:

    You summed up our current situation pretty good Peter. History repeats itself time and again, if we let it. Lets not let it!

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