Highway of death

HWY 3 – Highway of death

Darrel Johnston, a much loved and respected member of our community was killed in a traffic accident on Hwy 22 near Hwy 3 on Sunday. Two others died with him and a fourth died in a separate accident on the same stretch of road that very same day.

Back in 1998-2001 when I was on council, we formed the HWY 3 Association which was made up of communities along Hwy 3 from Medicine Hat to the Crowsnest Pass, did economic feasibility assessments, traffic volumes, etc. and lobbied hard our provincial government for the twinning of our highways including those leading into the Crowsnest Pass, but to no avail.

Even back then, never mind since, traffic volumes exceeded provincial standards due to increased traffic from tourism in Southern Alberta and the B.C. Interior, combined with the fact that the area is the number one export route for value-added goods leaving Alberta destined either for the coast or the U.S.

Since then the bodies keep piling up and still the provincial government does nothing, except to add the odd passing lane, which in effect does nothing more than what applying a band aid over a gaping wound would do.

We need real action. We need our highway twinned and we need it done yesterday! So people need not die needlessly, as Darrel and so many others have done.


Dealing with government bureaucracy is like being nibbled to death by ducks. 

from John Prince
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2 Responses to Highway of death

  1. D. Forth says:


    I’m sorry for your community’s loss.

    Do you know if this Darrel Johnston was originally from Guelph, ON?


  2. John Prince says:

    Hi D.Forth,
    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    No, this Darrel Johnston was born here in Alberta, in Innisfail.

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