Hotel Decoux – Dream or Nightmare?

A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

Hotel Decoux

It seems our mayor in a last desperate gasp for breath with respect for his dream of a new hotel being built on the former CLC site has taken some desperate and quite possibly destructive actions of late that beg the question if Pompous Bruce still has all his marbles in place with respect to due diligence and the concept of leaving well enough alone once one has clearly demonstrated ones inability to understand basic fundamentals with respect to hotel and business development.

Not only has he made a complete mess of things here over the last three years, which I’m sure everyone here is well aware of and therefore there is no need for me to regurgitate the untold number of foibles, incompetencies and outright ineptitude by him, council and administration, but to add insult to injury he is now telling us in last Monday’s Radio broadcast of “Moment with the Mayor” that we can now soon expect yet another hotel development to take place, this one directly across from the high school. Will wonders never cease? How easily our community’s good fortunes multiply with Brucey Baby at our ship’s helm. :-(

Seriously, is there no end to this man’s madness? Does he take everyone in this community for fools? So now we are being led to believe we are no longer getting one new hotel development but TWO, despite the fact BCMI is in the process of rebuilding with a brand new modern hotel expected to be completed by year’s end (or shortly thereafter), along with an already over-supply of hotel rooms in our region.

As an ex-hotelier myself having spent over twenty years in the industry I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I do believe short of a miracle it will be highly unlikely investors will be found willing to put the tens of millions of dollars required into these ventures where extremely low vacancy rates will be a certainty which in turn will result in zero return on their investments while necessitating further cash infusions for some years to come in order to maintain solvency, during the short and quite possibly long-term as well, just to accommodate Mayor Decoux’s pie-in-the-sky wishes and pipe-dreams. I’m sure potential investors are more practical and more discerning than to allow his dreams to become their nightmares. Therefore, the man is obviously in a state of denial, living in a world of delusion. This is scary stuff… and he’s still in charge? Making last minute long term ramification decisions that can and probably will have serious consequences for us all.

A reader here was kind enough to send to me by way of email the following link to a quite lengthy and in-depth study and article on what is actually involved in starting a hotel.

What Does It Take To Start A Hotel?

Eye-opening, now wasn’t it? Maybe, our mayor should give it a read and stop making such a fool of himself while at the same time taking all of us for country pumpkins, dolts and dupes, who don’t know when we are being played and lied to by those who have spent far too much time in big city boardrooms and not nearly enough on Main Street with Martha and Henry who can smell a city slicker con-artist from a mile off.

Speaking of which, give our gal Joni MacFarlane from the Crowsnest Promoter a read here for more BS from our illustrious Department of Municipal Propaganda and (Mis)Information. Otherwise known as the PR firm entrusted with “If we can’t dazzle you with our brilliance, we’ll baffle you with our BS.”

Costs released for proposed hotel


How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of one’s senses! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality.

from John Prince
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3 Responses to Hotel Decoux – Dream or Nightmare?

  1. Anonymous says:

    This man is unbelievable. I think he should be looking to build a mental health building where he will be the first one checked in for mental evaluation, and after that all the people that think he did such a wonderful job.

  2. Chloe says:

    Hi John,
    Finally the voice of reason in the dark wilderness that is the Mayor and council’s lair these days. $68,000 totally wasted on a pipedream. A second new hotel? Wow what are they smoking in that lair?
    Good to read that the BCMI renovation is coming along.Take care.

  3. Anonymous says:

    John, the rest of the province can’t believe that we elected someone so ignorant for mayor. I told him the problem is all those meat-heads for councillors that let him lose. That man should be in a cage, he is a danger to the public. Those councillors have the key for the cage that’s how you run a zoo like CNP. Nobody on council knows what to do or how to do the job a bit like the GONG SHOW.

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