Investment announcement biggest in Sparwood’s history

Investment announcement

Again, our neighbours lead the way…. making us look once more like we are standing still here as a community. Being run, as we have been for far to long, by a succession of Keystone cops.

The District of Sparwood’s commercial tax base will soon be in line for the largest singular injection of growth in the town’s 47-year history.

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Some will remember Schickedanze as the company that wanted to do a condominium development in North Coleman some years back, who were turned down by our mayor (Utley) and council of the day, back in 1998. They then went on up the road to Fernie and did multiple successful award winning development projects there, and beyond. Now this same company will be doing the hotel project portion in this massive and comprehensive development in Sparwood.

Until we get people in the mayor’s chair and on council who can actually take care of business in the best interests of this community and its people, instead of solely for the benefit of the elites and their friends. Or worse yet, in order to maintain the ‘status quo’ for, once again, them and their friends, by turning away the Schickedanze’s of this world, we will continue to get nowhere here on the economic development front.

Until we can open our minds and hearts to the possibility that others having life experience but not having been born here can possibly do a better job than what we have been able to do so far then nothing will change. Today, we have a mayor who failed us because his life experience consisted of being stuck either in a class room or a boardroom having plenty of theoretical but no practical experience in the real world. With an election coming up we are now entertaining the idea of replacing him with the only declared candidate so far having limited life experience himself as well, consisting as it does of living in this town his whole life selling nuts & bolts, while riding in a fire engine truck on weekends. Conformity and mediocrity isn’t going to get us where we want to go, and being ‘insular’ certainly isn’t either. In fact, that (being insular) is our major problem.

We need to broaden our horizons if we hope to join our neighbours in the 21st century and start being inclusive, rather than exclusive. As I said, we need to open our minds to new possibilities and opportunities by supporting those with worldly experience and backgrounds, having gained a passion for this community and a deep understanding of its people’s real wants and needs (not just those of the establishment types) to move us forward, regardless of the fact whether they were born here or not. Otherwise, we will continue to be stuck in second gear.

Putting in another ‘good ole boy’ mayor, along with another teacher or two, followed by a token elder or two having their heads still stuck in the past of 40 or 50 years ago, followed in turn by one or two newbie progressives who land up spinning their wheels, just allows for more of the same old, same old, merry-go-round that gets us nowhere.

What is needed here are like-minded individuals, like myself, who know what needs doing, but are never allowed to do it cause we are never given the opportunity to show what we can do because of our communities reluctance to take a chance on anybody who is not one of their own. What are people afraid of? That their community will get hijacked? Hasn’t it been already? By one of your own? No, I’m talking about restoring it to what it was before with our ‘Mountain Freedomspirit, and building on that, not tearing it apart further, or dividing it even more. Uniting our community is what needs doing here. And who better to do that than someone who understands both sides of the street, whether that be old school or new, having a real feel and understanding of the real wants and needs of the majority of people in this community.

There my friends, depending on how you look at things, is the problem… or the solution. Do you want to continue on the road you have been on for so very long of economic and social stagnation and decline, or would you like to start sharing too in the wealth of what ALL our neighbours are experiencing? Lower taxes, economic growth, jobs and opportunities, and social amenities for both young and old, and families too, living, working, laughing, and enjoying life in a viable and sustainable community. Is that too much to ask for? I don’t think so!

In a few more weeks, the choice will be yours. It all depends on what you decide you want your future to be.


Thanks go out to Sasha JaegerBaird who was first to bring this story to our attention. She also took the opportunity to declare her candidacy in the upcoming election. Make sure to visit her and see what she has to say.


Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.

from John Prince
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4 Responses to Investment announcement biggest in Sparwood’s history

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good article John. A couple of things: taxes are much higher in Sparwood, I know a lot of people who live there and it is terrible.
    Not all that many jobs available in Sparwood either. Only the mine basically.
    We’ll have to see how this all transpires. It could also be a lot of empty promises, who knows.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Real Investors, not like the fly by night people that this mayor who just hasn’t got the brains to distinguish one from the other will not even bother to waste their time here in the Pass. They will drive through, see the empty stores including the almost empty Mall, dodge all the potholes,and see the weeds everywhere. The Pass looks like the beginning of a ghost town. They won’t be impressed by those unreadable banners with triangles on them, instead they will be saying amongst themselves, WHAT IDIOT SPENT MONEY ON THAT CRAP, they should have fixed the potholes and had some weed control. Their next thought would probably be, there is no industry here and not many people either to even support a decent industry. What kind of losers do they have in charge here running this place? Keep driving we’re going to Sparwood. Thank God those overblown ugly entrance monuments to stupidity have not been put up, these investors probably would have split a gut laughing as they raced to go to greener pastures.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anon. 1:04
    He could be signed, Mr. Negativity. It is not quite as bleak as he is making out to make his point. Don’t know why people are going on and on, the election is coming up; if they want to do something constructive, instead of so negative, vote for good people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes we should all go to sleep and not think about anything until election day. Way to go ostrich.

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