Is Canada ‘ripe’ for Revolution?


Eric Margolis

Has once again written an excellent piece, this time on China and its upcoming 60th anniversary.

… I first went to China in 1975 during the madness of the Cultural revolution. Over the ensuing three decades, I saw China transformed from a giant, dimly-lit prison camp into today’s booming nation, which just surpassed Japan to become the world’s second largest economy.

… His sweeping economic reforms revitalized China, unleashing its latent economic power…

If anyone knows the history of China, they know of the great suffering this nation endured under western imperialism and brutal civil wars, and the tens of millions who died as a result.

The real reason for my post, is today over breakfast with my wife, I was telling her about Margolis’ article and in doing so I briefly recapped China’s long history, and more importantly, China’s recent history. During our conversation, it occurred to me what a remarkable economic feat China has accomplished in such a short span of time, of only thirty years. I wondered to myself, “how was this possible?”.

The more I thought about it, it suddenly occurred to me… was it because China did away with the old economic/political system that benefited the few, at the expense of the many (much like how Canada operates)? After all, if you cut through the bullshit, we here in Canada are all ‘wage slaves’ to the multi-national corporations who run things for their benefit, not ours. As a result, we here in this community, this province, this country, having so much seem to accomplish so little, while helping so few.

Under RAPACIOUS CAPITALISM, we in Canada are pretty much what China was before Mao. Our resources are exploited and our country is continuously being raped, as was China. Until that is, it said enough is enough, and put its foot down by having a revolution that sweep away the exploiters of its people… and the system that perpetrated that exploitation.

Will we have a revolution here? I doubt it, as we have for all intents and purposes sold our soul to the company store, so to speak (think NAFTA). In fact, the new US Ambassador is in Ottawa as we speak, with his first course of business being to visit every province in our country to, in part, ease trading relationships, under the guise of helping Canada with the recent “Buy American” provisions that have shut Canadian firms out of lucrative contracts at the U.S. state and city levels. I read this, however, as the preamble to ‘Freer Trade’ between provinces and various border states, at the expense and detriment of inter-provincial trade between our provinces and what holds us together as a country. The traitors we have in Ottawa and their various provincial government counterparts will be selling us out again, and removing one more impediment to the total assimilation of Canada’s economy into the U.S., followed by Canada’s total assimilation into the United States period.

Canada as an independent country is a joke! When you don’t have control of your own economy and your military has been reduced to a skeleton, while your navy that use to number as the second largest in the world has been reduced to three battleships (one each for each ocean :-( ) you have become a laughing stock to the world, with respect to being an ‘independent’ country. In fact, we haven’t even really broken away from England, as the Queen is still our sovereign.

Harper’s recent kowtowing to the Zionists on Iran at the UN, and basically having the U.S. dictate our Climate Change policy there as well on our behalf, attests to this even more.

In my opinion, if there is any country that is asleep at the wheel today that desperately needs to have a Revolution (overthrow of a political system by the governed), it is Canada. Is Canada ‘ripe’ for Revolution? Uh-huh!


Achilles heel of these massive companies is in their articles of incorporation. Under the law, a company’s articles can be revoked and it has to cease doing business. Should ‘three strikes’ be applied to corporations as well? Some corporations do damage. Some are persistent violators of the public trust. Perhaps three convictions (or three public interest law suits lost) should be the limit, and their corporate articles revoked.

Some corporations have now grown gigantic, actually becoming global forces with more power and resources than some countries… they float above the world’s constraints… They are alien to the notion of democratic responsiveness, internal or external. In the universe of corporations everything focuses on the acquisition of resources, labour, and markets. These are the sources of power. Inside corporations Equality hides her face… In democratic America (Canada) most corporations are iridescent examples of autocracy, thriving on soil where the Constitution guarantees everybody’s freedom and equality… First, we are all educated to look elsewhere, for instance to unchecked government, as the primary threat to freedom. Second corporations make and sell our creature comforts, so we can’t tamper with them without threatening our prosperity. Third, we feel powerless. The concentration of corporate power is inverse to people’s feelings of personal power. Fourth, we see no alternative.

from John Prince
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