Is Democracy Dead?

Failed Democracy

Today, I read the Prairie Post in which a letter to the editor by Larry MacKillop informed me that it looks like there will not be an all-candidates forum in our Macleod riding, for the upcoming Federal election. The writer claims this is because the incumbent is being ‘autocratic’ by dictating to the other candidates his preferred schedule for any future forums, as a pre-condition for attending.

As we all know, the outcome in this riding is a foregone conclusion, and now to add insult to injury, there will not even be a ‘pretence of democracy’ by way of an actual ‘debate’ amongst candidates. This is yet another example of our ‘failed democracy’. In my mind, no debate = no democracy. I don’t believe people should have to rely on ‘mainstream media’ to tell us how to vote. We should be deciding that for ourselves by listening to the candidates debating at an open public forum!

The above, along with voter apathy in general (as a result of people feeling disenfranchised because of the fact their vote does not ‘really’ count under the present system), has me convinced, that until we have ‘Proportional Representation’ in this province and country, we will continue to be ruled by a ‘minority’ imposing its will, wants, needs, morals, ethics and values on the ‘majority’, while telling us how free and lucky we are to live in such a ‘democratic’ society.


Democracy cannot be advancing if its parts are autocratic.

from John Prince
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  1. Wayne Smith says:

    When the outcome is a foregone conclusion, what real choices do voters have? Where is the accountability?

    In the last election, more than 7.5 million voters cast their votes for candidates who did not get elected, and ended up “represented” by people they voted against.

    How many votes will be wasted this time? Your guess could win you cash prizes!

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