It’s the economy, stupid!

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Economy tops list of voters’ concerns: poll

While world leaders gear up for the Copenhagen climate change conference, Canadians are choosing the economy over the environment as the issue that concerns them most, a new EKOS poll released exclusively to the CBC suggests.

In the poll, which was based on questions and topics submitted by viewers of the CBC’s Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, Canadians were asked which of the following should be the most important issue for the next federal election:

  • Social issues like health and education.
  • Issues related to the economy, like economic growth and employment.
  • Fiscal issues like taxes and debt.
  • Climate change and the environment.
  • None of the above.

About 31 per cent of those polled said the economy topped their list of issues, followed by 27 per cent choosing social issues. Climate change and the environment came in third (18.4 per cent), slightly ahead of fiscal issues (17.8 per cent).

Conservative Party supporters (44 per cent) were more likely than supporters of other parties to put the economy at the top of the list, as were men and those aged 45 to 64.

Those who support the NDP (34 per cent) and the Bloc Québécois (34 per cent) were more likely to say social issues were most important, as were women (36 per cent).

Mixed opinions

Canadians polled were mixed on whether they thought the federal government’s record on the environment had an impact on Canada’s international reputation.

Forty per cent felt it has had a negative impact, while an almost equal proportion (37 per cent) said it had no impact, with older people more likely to say Canada’s policies have hurt the country’s reputation.

Around 44 per cent of those polled aged 65 and over said the government’s environmental record had a negative impact, compared with 43 per cent of those in the 25-44 age group, who were mostly like to say it had no effect.

While the environment ranked much lower than the economy and social issues, nearly a third polled said the government’s record on the environment is very important on their voting decisions. About 39 per cent said it was somewhat important.

Supporters of the Liberal (42 per cent), Bloc (41 per cent) and the Green (45 per cent) parties and university educated (36 per cent) were more likely than others to say the issue is very important in their voting decisions.

The survey of 2,412 people was conducted by telephone between Nov. 25 and Dec. 1 and is deemed to have a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points, 19 times out of 20. Both landline and cellphone users were included.


We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.

from John Prince
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2 Responses to It’s the economy, stupid!

  1. Jose says:

    It is all unfolding that the Global Warming aka Climate Change reports have been doctored, and are now being discredited. Very little is being reported by the regular new broadcasts syndicates. At least two of the lead scientists have already resigned. This type of data maipulation will certainly impact the Climate Change Bandwagon proponents as the truth comes out.

    While the polar bears look for ice and Houston, Texas has snow, little do they know that indeed the weather is being monkeyed with. From use high radio frequency waves to chemtails, man is manipulating the weather. The latest weird weather patterns are part of this work.

    It is about impossible to know what is really happening in climate and weather land. One thing for sure, the likes of Al Gore, the United Nations and the third-world countries that want to tax (Cap and Trade) the developed countries and reap the HUGE benefits from this taxation — at the expense of the economies of the developed — have to be stopped. Canada has nothing to be ashamed about regarding its environmental policies, when those of other World Nations are taken into account.

  2. mycdnprince says:

    Yes, you have. Just goes to show you money can buy anything… and ‘big money’ can buy everything. However, I still trust ‘common sense’ and evidence provided by those without a ‘vested interest’ vs. Global Corp (big business).

    msm is a problem as in their reporting they have collectively gone over to the neocons, so we are only getting half the truth, at best. Thank god there is the internet and other sources. A ‘digital free world’… now there is a concept!

    As a point of interest, this week’s news reported polar bears have resorted to cannibalism.

    The weird weather patterns are, relatively speaking, recent phenomena. ‘Mad scientists’ monkeying around with our environment threatening us with who knows what, including extinction. Why not? It’s not like mankind is not already working hard to blow ourselves up anyways, right? There is always another war just around the corner isn’t there? And one day, the buttons will get pushed, won’t they? So why not mess with the weather and see if we can rain on each others parade… or worse.

    The third world countries did not pollute the planet and yet stand to reap the whirlwind of ‘man made’ disasters. I don’t think they are the bad guys here. The bad guys are the ones trying to get out of paying the bill to clean up the mess they created. They should pay! We already bailed them out once already. Enough is enough!

    Jose, as I’ve told you before, I’m no expert in this field and I’m sorry to say, it don’t much interest me either, because it is like astronomy dealing with time and distances that I just cannot fathom.

    As far as shame goes. China was just a mild warm up call to what I think Harper will be facing in Copenhagen. The conservatives (reform/alliance) keep tripping over their failed ideology, and so far, it has been treated for the most part as a joke.

    Standing in the way of saving the planet, is no joke!

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