Harper Regime Fails for Lack of Trust

Goodale Commentary: Lack of Trust

Stephen Harper has decided he wants an election, so he’s sabotaging the current minority Parliament.

Part of his strategy is a belligerent budget that runs rough-shod over the needs of average middle-class families.

The Conservatives are using up every bit of Canada’s financial capacity on three big, risky, expensive projects:

· buying stealth warplanes without even the semblance of decent competition ($30 billion);

· building US-style mega jails ($10 billion); and

· extra corporate tax cuts for the six big banks and other large businesses that have already had their taxes cut by 35% ($6 billion/year).

The net result is nothing left for families – for education, healthcare, pensions, child care or family caregivers.

The Harper regime is spending 1,000-times more to buy warplanes than they’re investing in helping students get to university or technical school.

They’re spending 1,000-times more on jails than on youth crime prevention.

The Harper regime wasted more on one-day of G-20 extravagance in Toronto last summer than they’ll spend in a whole year to help low-income senior citizens.

This is just not good enough. Even more pathetic is the Harper regime’s appalling lack of ethics.

They’re under two RCMP investigations – one for influence peddling and the other for tampering with access-to-information laws. They’re subject to two contempt citations – for concealing essential financial data, doctoring documents and failing to tell the truth. And four senior Conservative operatives are in court on charges of violating Canadian election laws – like you’d find in some banana republic.

The Harper regime has no interest in the needs of ordinary middle-class families, and no respect for the rules that should govern a decently functioning democracy.

The key issue is trust. And the hard truth is Canadians cannot trust Stephen Harper!

Ralph Goodale, M.P.

from John Prince
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