Land of the Taser, Home of the Slave

Police State

Today, my mind instead of humming Christmas music and being filled with the joys of the season, instead is dwelling on the fact that more and more we are living in a police state, and are being murdered by the state’s executioners (RCMP & local police), almost on a daily basis, with impunity.

“Mother angered Mounties may not be charged in son’s airport Taser death”
“The mother of Robert Dziekanski, the Polish immigrant who died at the Vancouver airport last year after being stunned with an RCMP Taser, said she was “angry” Thursday amid indications that the Mounties involved in her son’s death won’t be charged.”

As I write this, in Greece the young have stood up against the state and their thugs, while in France last year they did the same. How many more of our citizens have to be killed with Tasers and bullets before we as a people say, “Enough is Enough!”

Statistics Canada says the number of cops on the job in Canada rose to 65,000 this year. An eight per cent increase from a decade ago. This is astonishing, considering we have an aging population which would suggest there would be less need for police, instead of more? Police State???

It seems in this country only Quebec has taken action against Tasers, having recently banned there use. A step that should be followed by the rest of the Canada… in time, you would think? However, nothing seems to be happening in that area, nor in the area of police use of deadly force, even when having overwhelming odds on their side, lethal force seems to be their preferred Modus Operandi, whether it is Tasers or bullets. These individuals cannot be acting on their own, they must have orders from above telling them it is OK to murder their own. And assurances that they will not be held accountable and/or prosecuted for their crimes against humanity and the citizens they are suppose to serve and protect. (sic)

On a personal note, years back when I lived in Vancouver, a business owner friend of mine who had the store next to mine, had an 18 year old nephew of his return home drunk and depressed, threatening suicide with a knife. His parents called the police to help them deal with the situation. When the police arrived and the son came outside still carrying the knife, they shot him dead in his own front yard in front of his parents.

Since then I have heard of ‘dozens’ of similar cases. It just keeps going on and on and on.

Land of the Taser, Home of the Slave.


When we accept false and violent laws and submit to them, we can neither establish truth nor combat lies in this world.

from John Prince
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