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Land of the Taser

Further to what seems to be my evolving one man crusade against our government(s) use of Tasers against its own citizens, I have created the following blog in an effort to awaken people to this threat to our civil liberties, health and well being:

The people need to be educated about the abuses being perpetrated by unchecked government and its agents, to our freedoms. In this regard, I have taken my posts (with respect to this issue) here in this blog, and copied them over to the above blog. In future, my posts dealing with this subject will appear in the above blog only.

If one did a google search of Land of the Taser, Home of the Slave one would find case after case of police and RCMP regularly stunning people with their Tasers, with many cases of torture and death as an end result. As of today, I will be adding reported Tasering cases to this blog, as they occur, and as I am able to (work and life commitments aside).

My intent here with this new blog is to, hopefully, awaken and arouse enough public anger and disgust, as to do away with Tasers… and to the people in elected office, who (in my opinion) have been responsible and guilty of perpetrating inhumane crimes against humanity, and to betraying the citizens they were elected to serve and protect (sic). (I want ‘accountability’!)

I want to see ‘heads roll’ and that action is taken to do away with this barbaric ‘social conditioning tool’. If people feel motivated to help me by getting involved in whichever way they are best able to do so, I would welcome that… suggestions, ideas, opinions, action!…


… a city where right reigns only by virtue of a force without appeal – a sort of sovereignty of good, in which intimidation alone prevails and the only recompense of virtue (to this degree its own reward) is to escape punishment.

from John Prince
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