Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Duty Done

Do you lie at attention
Or do you rest at ease?

Is your casket velvet lined
or is your bed of rough-hewn pine?

Do you guard us still
Or is your duty fullfilled?

All of you were freedom bound,
Yet you rest in foreign ground.

Your name and place
Marked by monuments of stone.

Honoured more by the people you freed
Than by the people from home.

WE gave you a gun and saved you a plot,
You changed the world and see what you got.

You gave your life and future away
We kept our life and the future you bought,
And gave you one day in our thoughts.

So soldier rest at ease.
You are young and brave
In our memories.

One honoured day a year
You are present here.

You are not alone,
Far away, marked by foreign stone.

By Ken Roome


It is the blood of the soldier that makes a general great.

from John Prince
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