Let the punishment fit the crime

…. otherwise its tyranny.

Tyranny’s Blind Eye

The other day, I read a story that troubled me so much that I now feel compelled to write something about it. I do so knowing full well, I will not make many friends from the repressive regime we call Canada, and its Gestapo goons who enforce repressive military-style wars on the drug trade, while turning a blind eye to the harm and damage done by multi-national pharmaceutical companies and a medical profession only to willing to prescribe more and more medication to a stressed out and depressed populace.

A family from Pincher Creek recently saw themselves hung, drawn and quartered before even stepping foot inside a court room. A nine-month-old child was torn from its parents and taken away by the state, who in turn jailed its parents while at the same time condemning 2 of the 3 residences where they lived. Their names were published in the newspapers and the media had a field day from one end of this country to another in demonizing these poor people. This family, who I do not know, must have been traumatized and horrified by their experience at the hands of the state. Their crime… selling a little pot. If ever there was a case where the punishment did not fit the crime, this is the one.


I speak of this because this is just one more example of how our country is becoming a police state using draconian measures to suppress peoples desires to ‘lighten up’. Prohibition lasted for 13 years before the state realized the error of their ways. The criminalization of marijuana has gone on for much longer than that, with no end in sight. Other countries have woken up to the fact the state has no business establishing morality and using a big stick in the process, while turning a blind eye to the real criminals in our society, including themselves, our government. They are all hypocrites!



You measure a democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists.

from John Prince
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13 Responses to Let the punishment fit the crime

  1. Anonymous says:

    just selling a little pot????
    Do some research John…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do not think they were “selling a little pot”.It sounds to me that they had quite a grow op going on.I think that is why the houses were condemmed, as they usually have unbelievable amounts of mold.Not the best place for anybody, never mind a 9 month old.
    I do not disagree with everything you say,but should the police turn a blind eye to this?
    Its like going 150 in a 100 zone, should you not get a ticket.
    I agree there should be more done in punishing the rich criminals and also illegal government operations.But you have to seperate the issues.2 wrongs do not make a right.

  3. John Prince says:

    Having read the papers with respect to this story, I discovered that over 300 municipal police, RCMP and sheriffs work for ALERT across our province. Like Hitler’s storm troopers they roam the province on the pretext of keeping our communities safe, while trying to justify their existence and budget… as they recently did in this case with these hapless people who are no more than minor clogs … police seized ‘small amounts’ of pot and hashish… in Canada’s drug machine.

    In my opinion, the time, resources, manpower and money could be better spent fighting the real criminals in our society that includes the pharmaceutical companies, medical profession and white collar criminals who are both exploiting the system and killing people at the same time, with our government’s blessing and support. While utilizing their lapdogs in MSM to ‘propagandize’ their ‘successes’ on the minor players, while turning a blind eye to the major players who are causing the real harm and havoc in our society. btw/ did you know, 95% of prescription drugs the establishment pushes on the people today were not even around 15 years ago?

    The conservatives’ war on crime is once again more about politics (and peoples perception) and their failed and misplaced ideology than about keeping our streets safe, as exemplified so well by Darryl Raymaker on his blog…


    For a very good read on conservative dogmatism (which is what ALERT is all about) read the comments section by Judy J. Johnson at, again, Darryl Raymaker’s blog…


  4. Anonymous says:

    “… their approach is about coercive control over the public – control that is achieved by creating a climate of fear.”

  5. Jose says:

    You are throwing in the kitchen sink with all of your arguments against those bad Conservatives. The police are just doing their job; as a potential Mayor, would you not expect them to do the same if the “operation” were in the good ol’ Crowsnest Pass? Or would you go after the junk car collector and let the drug pushers run amock?

    Just like Obama is starting to stick his foot in his mouth at every turn, and giving Palin the base she needs, you Liberals are the best thing going for the Conservatives. All they have to do is to say nothing — you all are doing their work for them.

    Sarah Palin represents the non-party affiliated people that are trying to get rid of the Establishment — yes, it will be interesting to see if she gets any traction for the Tea Party Movement in the US. I suspect that she is an opportuinist, but heah, the US people are ready for something different. They too are tired of the corruption, thievery and crocked politicians. I do not see a comparable alternative movement in Canada –just a bunch of bloggers that don’t even get out and vote!! Where is the Movement (Anti-Prorog) that stayed at home hitting their computer keys instead of showing a force in the recent marches?

    Good luck in your efforts to unseat the Conservatives using your Liberal friends’ Gestapo comparisons. Remember –“everytime you dig a little dirt, you lose a little ground”. It would be a shame to let the opportunity that is being presented in the Crowsnest Pass political scene be wasted by needless slamming of the same people that are needed for your support.

    Also, the present “free” Health Care system and our desire to exploit it, is what allows the doctors to push the various drugs on us at will. It appears to me that if it’s for free, we take it — without even asking if it is needed or harmful — or if the new pill counteracts the other 5, 10 or so pills we are taking. At some point we have to ask if there are alternative medicines that will do the job — but heah “they cost money, and I’ll be damned if I’ll pay for them”. Sometimes, one has to take care of oneself.


  6. Anonymous says:

    legalize the stuff, have people pay taxes on it (like our other ‘sin’ taxes) …there would be less crime

  7. John Prince says:

    First, I advocate going after the real criminals in our society and leaving alone the people just trying to get by (like moonshiners of old), who provide a much needed and wanted (33% of the populace smoke pot) public service.

    Now. As always, it’s good to hear from my Republican/Conservative friends, whom many believe, Sarah Palin is there modern day Joan of Arc who will safe humanity (or at least the good ‘ol USA (which is the only humanity most of them care about)) from the evil Liberalism that threatens their survival… and their continued exploitation of the masses. :-)

    Just as there are drug stores (pharmacies) in every town, so there are dope dealers (marijuana). Most people do not realize why we have this distinction i.e.: legal vs. illegal drugs. Let me give you a little history lesson…

    Back in the thirties, when the FBI was still just getting off the ground, Hoover created a new anti-drug department and needed to justify its existence and budget. At the same time, DuPont discovered a new synthetic product whose only real competition was industrial ‘Hemp’ (marijuana), which had been legal and used by countries and civilizations for thousands of years, as was the pot people smoked (in fact, at one time people could buy it in drugstores as they could with cocaine). Well, low and behold, this marriage of convenience made in heaven resulted in the criminalization of industrial hemp and marijuana, and has been with us ever since. Some say it was the DuPont Corporation discovery that came first, followed by the creation of an FBI anti-drug department. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, comes to mind, doesn’t it? However it played out, the repercussions from the actions of these self-serving entities has been with us ever since.

    Now ask yourself, if the government and police forces of a state did not have these drug laws what ‘legal right’ would they have to do what they do today, in spreading fear and terror as they do, under the guise they are protecting us (sic). Without a ‘war on drugs’ they haven’t got anything to justify their existence and budget, nor there right to victimize us. The recent ‘regionalization’ of our local southwestern RCMP police forces, along with the creation of ALERT is more about control of the public (climate of fear) than protecting us from criminals. They’re the criminals, not us!

    Talking about kitchen sinking? You managed to subtly and masterfully squeeze in our upcoming municipal election, local conservative establishment and my ‘potential’ candidacy for Mayor into your comment here. Let me just say, I AM THAT I AM. I STAND FOR THINGS. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. (Isn’t that refreshing? :-))

    Jose, your good advice and concern is duly noted and appreciated, but I won’t sacrifice my beliefs for any position or title. Because, I don’t need them, and I remember…

    Being poor is better than living in luxury and serving the rich. Do not stand at the door of a rich man asking for favours if you hope to lead a good life.

    In our community, there’s ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ and then there’s my school. The school of a free and independent mind, belonging to neither the old school or the new, unafraid to call a spade a spade, and to fight for what is right. When the time comes, people will have the chance to decide which school they want to go with, and the conservative establishment won’t be able to do a damn thing about it (unless they can fix the election… again?). Except cry and weep that they weren’t nicer and more inclusive to people like me, and my kind (proletariats of the world UNITE!). Because payback is just around the corner. And it’s going to be a bitch! :-) :-) POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

  8. Jose says:

    I agree with Anon 10:34 PM re legalizing the stuff — but then many people on the take at all levels would be affected, so it won’t happen.

    The reorganization of the police and military forces has been ongoing for some time, and continues at all levels. Control of the people is the objective as you say, but not for what is happening now but for what is coming. The USA has been preparing for the upcoming national civil unrest that will occur as the US economy unravels over the next 2-3 years. There is an unprecedented amount of “federalley” influence evident all over. This has recently been elevated by the goings-on of your friend Obama.

    Canada appears to less affected economically so far, but likely has a similar plan in progress to deal with possible civil unrest. This is what you are now seeing at the local and provincial level. It is a done deal at the national level. Two years ago, Canada and USA signed an agreement to use each others military in the event of emergencies in either country. Who knows how far this reaches into the system.

    There is little doubt that citizens are fed up with politicians at all levels in both the USA and Canada. The Tea Party movement in the US gets it strength from dissenters from all party affiliations. Many are just fed up and are not going to take it any more. Boot out all of the bums is the cry. Let’s hope this happens all over the place at voting time. From what I see at the local level, people are ready for a change from the status quo. Let’s hope that the Pass voters have a clearcut choice come voting time.

    By the way, you and Sarah Palin are closer than you think in fighting the establishment, albeit from different sides of the spectrum — when does the far far right meet the far far left….

    John, keep up the good fight. Re payback, what makes this approach any different than what is happening now? This to me is not change for the better, but more of the same ol’ crap from a different direction. How does this make things better for the general population? They want solutions and a new progressive (can I use that word?) direction.

    Illegitimi non carborundum!!!!


  9. John Prince says:

    I totally agree with your “reorganization”, “federalley” comments, and think that is exactly where we are headed and what is happening. But I do take exception to the last line in that paragraph (you can’t go around blaming the new kid on the block (1 yr) for all your neighbourhood’s problems). Get real!

    I guess my ‘proletariat’ comment got me that extra ‘far’ in your ‘far far left’ comment. :-) FYI, I’m far from being a Lefty, although I love using their jargon. :-) I told you, I’m in the middle. I’m neither ‘old school’ nor ‘new school’, but ‘middle school’ instead.

    Canada and USA signed an agreement to use each others military in the event of emergencies in either country.

    The people who signed that agreement on behalf of Canada should be ‘shot’ as traitors to their country!! That is an open invitation to allow a ‘foreign’ country to invade you and ultimately take you over, at the slightest pretext, with legal impunity. How stupid, cowardly and traitorous can you be!! How did Canadians let this happen?? Do we care so little about our freedom and country that we so easily allow traitors to sell us out?
    First, these guys (conservatives) sell us down the river with NAFTA and give away the store and our economic independence, and now they open the floodgates to foreign troops openly roaming our streets at will. We are being conquered from within, and will be taken over (assimilated) without having fired a shot. Unless, we wake up to the evil among us, root them out and cast them adrift. Conservatism is a pox on our nation, on our province, and on our community! They won’t be happy until we are all speaking Texan and drinking Budweiser. They are traitors each and everyone and the time will come when they will be judged as such. As you said, “people are ready for a change from the status quo.”
    As far as your “payback” and “same ol’ crap” comments go, Anon @11:39 said it best, “two wrongs don’t make a right”. I know that, but I can’t resist scarring the shit out of these guys. They deserve it! :-) lol!

    No it will be a new day and a new way that will lead this community out of it morass and doldrums, with true vision, leadership and direction that is both inclusive and participatory for ‘everyone’. After all, wasn’t it Martin Luther King who said, “Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.”… Well… some have been known to say, you can’t find someone more maladjusted than me. ;-) lol! :-)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised that you don’t realize that there is always more to the story than what you read in the papers. If you don’t know that, then you should stick to real estate, sell refurbished grow op houses to your neighbours…and stay out of politics. If these arrested persons were your neighbours in the Pass, you would be singing a different tune I suspect.
    You rant on about how the police should ignore these petty criminals (connected to organized crime, yet I bet when someone speeds by you on the hiway above the limit, you are the first one to whine that there is never a cop around when you need one.

  11. John Prince says:

    Anon @1:42
    Where is a cop when you need one? I think I’ve been assaulted? :-)

    I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on the fact I have been speaking broadly on this subject, here and on other posts of mine. It’s not just about the Pincher Creek family. If you were a fan and frequented my abode regularly, you would know that. Or, if you had read the comments for this blog post, I think you could have figured it out that way, as well.

    The point is, we are focussing our attention, manpower, limited resources and money in areas doing far less societal damage to our people, than what is being done by the suits. Rather than those wearing leather, if you follow my drift.

    Well, you say that I’m an outlaw,
    You say that I’m a thief.
    Here’s a Christmas dinner
    For the families on relief.

    Yes, as through this world I’ve wandered
    I’ve seen lots of funny men;
    Some will rob you with a six-gun,
    And some with a fountain pen.

    And as through your life you travel,
    Yes, as through your life you roam,
    You won’t never see an outlaw
    Drive a family from their home.

  12. Anonymous says:

    John, If these people lived next door to you and were conducting this operation I think you would sing a different tune.

  13. John Prince says:

    Anon @8:43
    Sounds like they were living next door to you? But you are right, I wouldn’t want them living next door to me (it is enough I got an unsightly premise for a neighbour). But at the same time you don’t take a sledgehammer to swat a fly, and that is what our ALERT and other government/law enforcement agencies are presently doing.

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