Letter to the Editor/Missing in Action #2

Letter to the Editor

In my last post I spoke of a letter to the editor I sent to both our local newspapers to be published in this week’s editions of their papers. That letter to the editor is as follows:

Dear Editor:

During editor Joni MacFarlane’s absence last week from the Crowsnest Promoter the editor from the Pincher Creek Echo filled in for her in writing her weekly editorial. In doing so, he proceeded to ‘edumacate’ us dumb hillbillies in how some of us should have conducted ourselves during our recent flood crisis. Apparently, not enough of us were appreciative enough of our good mayor and council with respect to all their good works (sic) on our behalf. Bloggers, especially, were signaled out for harsh ridicule and flogging by this self-anointed public executioner. Wailing was heard by all throughout the land, according to Bryan Passifiume, on how we had failed our brothers and sisters from the east in not living up to their high expectations and moral standards of conformity and unquestioning subservience to authority, and the powers that be. Bloggers, specifically, should be ostracized and banned from the realm of respectable society as unfitting creatures, undeserving of pity or of any human consideration for being the dastardly villains that we are.

Going no further, one would think Mr. Passifiume has a huge chip on his shoulder, and an attitude problem to boot from the poisonous article he wrote, unfairly and without provocation attacking a huge segment of our community who participate on social media. As a blogger myself, I felt it my duty to respond to his venomous attack on our people. Unable to do so here because of sanitization regulations (We reserve the right to edit letters…) I have used the medium of my own blog (how appropriate ;-)) to do so. For an ‘unsanitized’ version of my rebuttal to Bryan Passifiume’s scandalous attack, visit me here at: http://blog.johnprince.ca/2013/06/the-evil-that-men-do-all-in-name-of-buck.html

John Prince

Interestingly enough the Pass Herald published the above letter while the Crowsnest Promoter did not? What does this say about the Promoter, or more specifically Bryan Passifiume, the fill-in editor for the week of the long knifes editorial that scandalously attacked members of social media in our community, by way of not allowing one of us the opportunity of rebuttal?

Appears Bryan can dish it out but can’t take it and in doing so resorts to censorship and propaganda (see pg. 3 Who Am I?) in order to cover his ass with the help and blessing of his publisher Nancy and boss Jose in Calgary. More on these last two I could speak but choose not to… at this time. Let’s just say, I’ve had my fill of “roasting nuts over a slow burning fire” for this week. ;-)

Anyways, I have it on good authority that Bryan won’t be substituting for Joni anytime soon, again. Which is a good thing, for we in these parts don’t take kindly to self-righteous easterners preaching their gospels and imposing their moral standards on us ‘mountain freedom’ loving people who believe in speaking the truth as we see it, calling a spade a spade, and letting the cards fall where they may.

Let this be a lesson to you Bryan. Be careful who you pick a fight with next time in these parts, cause we here are the kind of animals when attacked, that bite back.

Missing in Action
The following is further comment on those I spoke on in my previous post.

Ted Menzies
Shortly after my prior post on Ted’s dismal performance during our recent flood disasters the media reported he was calling it quits.

Menzies calls it a career

Good riddance, I say. Be gone, I say, for all the good he and his kind have done for this riding and its people, and country for that matter. The millions we spent on this guy alone and what did we get for our money… “absolutely nothing!”

Print Media
I’ve already said above pretty much what needed saying except I don’t blame the Promoter and Sun Media for what has transpired, but a zealous relief editor from another paper and community who stepped on peoples toes here who he shouldn’t have and rightfully got a good kick in the ass in the process. Hopefully, a lesson has been learned here.

Kudos to the Pass Herald for allowing alternative media (moi) to use their medium to defend ourselves.

Social Media
Dean Ward’s letter to the editor was masterfully done. If covering your ass only while ensuring you offend no one, while at the same time ingratiating yourself to everyone, while also taking a stand that comes across as being one that is as limp as a noodle, can be called the work of a master.

Typical politician, wouldn’t you say? One who says a lot while saying nothing at all.

In all fairness though, I did like his last line: “Finally, I just want to say I am struggling with the concept of having to defend my own right to free speech against a member of the “Press.”

In the age of information ignorance is a choice.

from John Prince
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3 Responses to Letter to the Editor/Missing in Action #2

  1. Anonymous says:

    As you can see everyone…..John doesn’t hold back……no secret agendas here!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Difficult to comment on this post. Looks like John is trying to take it to the edge again. Not sure what the objective is, unless there is a realization that the support he hoped was there, isn’t.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think he’s trying to take it to the edge, he is on the edge, and leaving it up to us to either push him over, or pull him back. The decision is ours, he’s made that clear and simple.

    It’s up to us to decide. Personally, I kind of like having a choice.

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