Life Getting Tough in Harperland

Life Getting Tough

The consumer price index reveals that Canadians are paying higher prices today than a year ago, with significant increases in food (up 4.8%), shelter (up 1.5%) and gasoline (up 13.5%).

Yet wages have only increased .08% We are not keeping pace.

The Harper government can’t blame this on the global crisis because similar increases were reported in 2008, before the so-called crisis.

We were then in an election where the Harperites were promising that Canada would be safe from any economic distresses under their leadership.

We don’t really need statistics to tell us that we are worse off today then we were five years ago.

Household debt is at a record high. Income disparity is rising faster that many developed countries.

Poverty is on the rise and when a report was presented to Stephen Harper that outlined ways to decrease poverty, he threw it in the trash. Not his problem.

Compare those headlines with this one: Scotiabank, CIBC Top Bonus Increases After Record Bank Profits

Or this one: Big Oil Companies Post Huge Profits On High Gas Prices

Or this one as we remember the Attawapiskat crisis : Record sales push De Beers’ profits up 55 percent

How do you like Neoconservatism so far?

Posted by Emily Dee at Pushed to the Left and Loving It

Emily is an outstanding blogger that I follow regularly who is always insightful, well researched and articulate. She has done another ‘great job’ with this post that is a credit to alternative media, while at the same time showing how brainwashed and dumbed-down we are by msm who avoid the truths she shares with us like the plague.

The HarperCON media constantly paint a picture that everything is wonderful, when it is quite evident that the facts above and in the link below show clearly that that is the furthest from the truth one can get.

The Corruption of America

We are losing our standard of living, our culture, and our country to corporatocracy. The way things are going we will soon be swallowed up, reduced to nothing more than a mere ‘colony’, for American Empire and corporations sake.


We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of the few, but we can’t have both.

from John Prince
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