No-Go for Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Plant

At last night’s council meeting, according to Dean Ward on his blog, it’s a no-go for the much hyped and promoted Quebec Manufacturing Plant setting up shop here.

Mayor and CAO have again put the cart in front of the horse, so to speak, in their zeal to show their good works for the Pass and instead have shown us once again that they cannot be trusted to deliver on anything of a positive and constructive nature with respect to economic development for our municipality. Except for pie-in-the-sky promises that seem to evaporate once a discerning eye is cast upon them.

As I stated in the comments section of Dean’s blog…

“More bad news for the Pass. The municipality’s newly hired PR firm should be telling mayor and council that there is nothing worse for a sitting government to do than to raise people’s hopes and expectations (new mine, new hotel, new manufacturing plant) only to see them come crashing down, making them look like POMPOUS fools.”

With a municipal inspection underway, the latest fiasco with taxes and now this, time is running out for this gang of miscreants who have done far more damage than good to our community of communities. The clock is ticking, but oh how so many wish it would tick faster so that we can be finally done with this bunch.


Lofty promises are made, time passes, promises go unfulfilled, excuses are made and gross failures are forgotten, denied or downplayed and no one, except the public at large, pays for them.

from John Prince
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