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John Prince Press Release

John Prince has already served one term as Municipal Councillor and is presently seeking election to the Mayor’s chair.

He and his wife Diane of 40 years have lived in the Crowsnest Pass for over 16 years and have developed a strong sense of community. They both are actively involved as volunteers in many organizations throughout the Pass.

With over 20 years in the Hotel and Airline industries, Mr. Prince has a wealth of knowledge and management experience in Hospitality and Tourism, gained from having worked and lived in three provinces. As well, he is a graduate of British Columbia Institute of Technology (B.C.I.T.) – Hospitality, Tourism & Business Administration. He and his wife have also been owner managers of several small businesses in the retail sector. At present, he is a Realtor® with CENTURY 21.

Service to the community and a passion for politics along with a firm belief that there’s no point “just complaining about things, you have to do something about them” is why Mr. Prince is running for Mayor.

“As a community, we are at a crossroads in time”, he says. “New leadership, with vision and a plan to take us forward is what is needed here, at this time. Some people think as a community we have hit rock bottom. I say, if that is the case then we can only go up from here. In this regard, I believe the sky is the limit as far as this municipality’s potential is concerned. Tear down the firewalls that have held this community back and get ready to embrace the world, I say. We really can be all we can be if people here are ready to believe in themselves again. My job will be to bring people and this community together again in a common effort to instil that spirit of ‘Mountain Freedom’ in God’s country, here in the ‘beautiful’ Crowsnest Pass.”

It’s time! It’s time for a new voice with fresh ideas. It’s time for change!


The future depends on what we do in the present.

from John Prince
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