Harper is a pimp, and Canada is his whore

The New Border Vision

Just like Mulroney before him who gave us NAFTA, touted as “free trade” but really an instrument to American domination of our economy, Harper wants to give us a new border deal… “The New Border Vision is being billed as a border management system that will include new common consumer product regulations, a pre-clearance agreement for goods crossing the border to expedite waiting times and the use of advanced technology to utilize biometric data for travellers at airports and land crossings, reports say”… which is just another step by step to total control and complete give away of our country by successive traitorous ‘conservative’ governments.

Our once proud nation is now once again being described as a whore, bending down to the U.S., and it is the Harpercons who are the latest ones pimping us out. Our economy, is in the hands of the U.S., our military, is in the hands of the U.S., and our politicians are CLEARLY in the hands of the U.S. What is left? Oh yes, billions of dollars in corporate tax cuts.

What happened to the conservatives? What happened to those proud conservative Canadians who stood up for our country and its people…

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”
– John Diefenbaker (From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960.)

Now, today, it seems the only conservatives are corporate hacks ready to sell us all out to the highest bidder.

Wake up Canada before it is too late! Or is it already too late? If we let this border deal go through, it will be. Bit by bit we are losing our country and our sovereignty… total integration will be the final step.


We have far more to fear from an unaccountable government at home than from any foreign terrorist.

from John Prince
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7 Responses to Harper is a pimp, and Canada is his whore

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stephen Harper represents the affluent, is directed by Republicans and best linked to multinational corporations. – Jim

  2. peter rosner says:

    wow this is a tough one, as much as i distrust Stephen Harper he does show some significant leadership qualities. When you compare him to the other leaders like Michael Ignatieff (now thats a snake oil salesman) their is no option.The liberals have not produced a decent leader since lying John Chretien. It appears if you research your history our Conservative governments have consistently sold out to the USA when there has been a Republican President in power. I am just generalizing here but there is a pattern to it. This Harper-Obama coutship is something new but maybe one of your readers is a little more politically educated than myself it would be interesting to know.

  3. Jose says:

    John, we best hope that PM does not get further into bed with Obama. The coordinated North American border treaty is practical as long as it stays as that. Considering that the US/Mexico border in Arizona is a sieve with free flowing drugs and human smuggling running rampart, one has to wonder why the great interest in closing the Northern route into the USA. Appears to be US motivated, unless more is happening than they let out.

    One should be concerned about Obama. At the same time Obama was criticizing Mubarak in Egypt for shutting down the internet, the White House/Congress was drafting a bill to allow the President to be able to shut down the internet and other communications. Another Bill would allow the seizure of any “property” “for the good of the nation”, in an “Emergency”. Hypocritical at best.

    The Governments on this side of the pond are watching what is happening all around the world, and are preparing for the eventual unrest that will occur here. Where and who the unrest will come from is the question. You can be assured that the politicians have a plan to save their and their families butts, for sure in the USA in the event of unrest or an incident.

    It would be interesting to know how much of the $1 Billion that was spent on security at the recent G8-G20 conferences in the Toronto area went into camera monitoring and control centers, much like the monitoring center that was set up in Bellingham WA to monitor the Olympics — and the cross border narco traffic of BC Bud.

    Even though the Brits have a camera on every corner, they have lost the battle to the terrorists by letting them operate freely in Great Britain. The terrorist problem is creeping into Canada, but appears to go unheeded. Let’s hope we do not allow things to progress to the point that we are being thrown out of our own country. So….one has to separate the external threat from the predictions that you have concerning internal unrest.

    I am not so sure that Harper is in bed with Obama. Harper is well aware of the terrorist threats within Canada and hopefully is concentrating on this rather than preparing to keep the masses in check if it comes to that.


  4. John Prince says:

    Jose, Fascism and a police state are fast becoming a reality here in Canada. Toronto’s G20 was just a preamble of what is to come, as is the regular and ever increasing killings (murders) of civilians by our police. Keeping the masses in check is exactly what has (is) been going on in more ways than one including the building of super prisons for that purpose. Orwell’s ‘1984’ or the ‘Fortress America’ concept with Canada being the future battleground for all sorts of mayhem and violence is one world view I find hard to argue with, if one were to make it (Funny how the world turns, isn’t it? As we have our freedoms and rights taken away from us without making a whimper, others a half a world away are fighting and dying to get theirs?). But the economic war against Canada is another one that albeit is relatively bloodless nevertheless creates just as much carnage and destruction in people’s life’s as any military war. Corporatocracy is killing us by robbing us and future generations of a future. Crime, misery, poverty, drudgery and servitude will be our lot, after seeing our middle class decimated and our country turned into a northern version of a South American banana republic.

    People need to wake up, and stand up… before it is too late.

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