News Reporting: Like day and night

News Reporting

The above expression, is similar to night and day, but “day and night” implies things got worse whereas “night and day” implies things got better. This week’s news reporting with respect to the Crowsnest Learning Centre (CLC) by our local print media was by far the former, rather than the later… i.e. “like day and night”.

Locals here know that Lisa and Buddy, and Gail before them, at the Pass Herald were staunch (some would say fanatical) supporters of the CLC. Yet, in their newspaper this week the sale of said property was relegated to the back pages (P.14)? Their story was done almost like an after thought. How strange?

Unlike the Crowsnest Promoter who not only made it their lead front page story but editor Joni MacFarlane did an excellent editorial on it as well.

The Herald’s back page coverage of this sale coincides (either coincidentally or by design?) nicely with what some in the community believe is suspect timing with Devon Canada’s generous and much appreciated donation of the Ski Hill to our community. Almost like the timing was done to deliberately distract peoples attention away from this sale? Like the relegating of this story to the back pages? Out of sight, out of mind? Anyhow, the difference in reporting on this story, especially in lieu of the fact of one paper’s former vested interest with the CLC, is not only “like day and night” but begs the question “what’s going on here?”

Also noticed the municipality is once again advertising in the newspapers? Could an arrangement and ‘understanding’ have been reached here?

Getting back to the Herald’s coverage. I find their article as reported “Although there is no definite timeline as to when development will begin or end” to be quite disturbing, to say the least. Speaking of which, Dean Ward has some other interesting questions with respect to this sale. Take a boo here.

The fact that both mayor and council (especially councillors with blogs) have gone stone-silent on this sale of the CLC raises even more questions? Based only on a two-page press release from Riversdale the mayor faced with a camera lens or someone holding a pen was all over that story like fleas on a dog. He couldn’t talk about it and gloat about it enough. Like he had struck gold. Bonanza! Yet here, with a deal he and the CAO have been supposedly working on for almost a year now, we hear diddly-squat? No press release, no details, no blogging congratulating themselves, no municipal Facebook or website announcements, no nothing? This alone raises even more questions that something is not kosher in Denmark, as the saying goes. Almost one year of negotiating and now they’re trying to sweep it under the rug. Good Luck trying that! What gives is what people are asking?

The Ratepayers had a general meeting last week and an executive one last night. At both these well-attended meetings much was discussed and members in attendance were brought up to date on the executive’s activities and future plans. Its encouraging to see like-minded people having only the best interest of their community at heart coming together to stand up for it. How disappointing then to see absolutely no coverage of this by our local print media in this week’s newspapers? Knowing or suspecting as we do that at least one paper has, yet again, been bought off, has the other one been too?

Alternative Media plays an important role in our community but more people still rely on print media for their information on their community. For this reason alone, people need to give kudos when they do good like what Joni has done on the CLC story, and when they don’t, like this week’s Pass Herald on that same story. When both papers totally ignore reporting on a Ratepayer meeting they attended then they are not only letting down their community but also they are not doing their job, and need to be told this.

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When the media refuses to inform and the public no longer questions, that truly is the beginning of the end of democracy.

from John Prince
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25 Responses to News Reporting: Like day and night

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gallant did make a comment on his blog.

  2. John Prince says:

    Brian Gallant said…

    “With the hotel development, all I can say at the moment is that last Tuesday council approved the CAO to enter into a sale and construction agreement with Medican General Contractors. Because it is still a conditional contract we have been advised by our solicitor that we cannot release any specifics at this time and without the agreement of the other party. I want this finalized as much as anyone but both sides are combing the contract for the minute details. I will say that I am very happy with what I see in this contract including sale price and timelines. I am keen to see this project move ahead. The developers are planning an open house on Feb. 12 but that is still tentative.”

    All of a sudden, out of the blue, we now find out this is a ‘conditional’ sale? How convenient, for now the municipality does not have to release any details, for possibly months on end.

    And the hits and games keep on comin’.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Politicians should wear shock collars that go off every time they tell a lie!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lol “but both sides are combing the contract for the minute details” what type of conditional contract is that.I thought that the condition of a contract would be quite clear, eg. financing or inspection,appraisal etc.
    Also this now takes council out of the equation and puts all of the power with the CAO.
    Also this lowers your ability to negotiate.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Herald might have known this was another snow job, whereas the Promoter does not know the difference between a snow job reality or the truth and jump at anything to tell a story or are told a story. This mare council and administration know who the gulliable are.

  6. peter rosner says:

    As much as i respect Bud, Gail and to some degree Lisa there is no doubt they run their paper with their own slant on community affairs. The story is worthy of front page news and their owm personal support for the Learning Center should be secondary. Thats unbiased reporting.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So what ever happened to the Mayor’s proclamation that the Centre would be demolished “before the snow flies”. Two seasons of snow have now come!

    Is this person really ‘reaching’, or what? It is time to stop the hedonism and narcisism being exibited and bring in some sanity and empathy.

    Some may say “welcome to the 21st century”, but we are there. We have been here for over 100 years. Proper change does not happen in 3 years by just one person, who in his election platform, said that he was only here for one mandate and that we were going to suffer a lot of pains as he knew what was right for us.

    Fair enough!

    Where is the transit service and indoor pool that was such an important part of your platform and was part of your success in the ensuing election? I will admit that mistakes have been made in the past.(My IQ may be just slightly above that of a paper clip, but before the election I thought that, financially. these promises were totally unrealistic).

    If I see your name on the next ballot in Oct it will be, for myself, a true definition of your character and what drives you.

    I really wish you the best in your future endeavours.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I”M sorry to agree about your paper clip mentality, but the problem in the Pass is that there are too many IQ like yours. That is why these shysters get away with so much. Don:t believe everything you are told or read. Grab a brain and think about what you are told or read.

  9. Anonymous says:

    9:02.. Quite the show of intellect there. Please read it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    9:02 – ?

  11. Anonymous says:

    JP, where does that Quote of Brian come from? I don’t see it on his blog.

    I remember some stuff we were told in “The Mayor’s Corner”, etc. over the last year, such as the “consortium” (anticipated in the RFP) and the “new hotel developer”. I don’t have the stomach to reread it all – anyone remember more?

    I FOIPed the contract back in November, but was told it didn’t exist yet. According to FOIP rules, I would have to FOIP it again after it exists. Catch is, how do I know when it exists unless they tell us?

  12. Anonymous says:


    It is a credit to you to care enough about this issue to ‘FOIP’.

    As you most likely do, I wonder what is going on? Tracks covered, posts deleted, poor understanding of media and abuse of ‘in camera’ meetings.

    The election platforms of most of our elected candidates were partially based upon their dissention with the previous council’s ‘hidden adgenda’ and also the promise of total transparancy to come.

    Is it just me, or are there others that feel that something may be terribly wrong here?

  13. Peter Rosner says:

    Never under estimate the power of a paper clip even if it is your brain. I am sure we have all heard about the 26 year old Montreal man who traded up from a single paper clip to a house in Kipling Sask. It took him about one year and involved 14 seperate trades– true story. I believe some of this council does have the character to run in the next election. Have a good day ANON 8:20

  14. Anonymous says:

    Look under the Devon announcement in the comment section.

  15. Anonymous says:

    PETER i cannot believe what you have just posted .There are characters on counsel but none have shown any. I now HAVE put you in my BLISSFUL book, where you definately belong. Heaven help us at election time with that kind of thinking.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Peter, I disagree with you. There is not one councilor who has brought integrity, transparency or debate to this council.

    Did you notice how Gallant out maneuvered you on his “New Mine for Crowsnest Pass” post? You called him on lack of ethics by the MofCNP. He gave you a seemingly reasonable long winded answer that things were done properly but circumvented the main issue. When the CNP contacted the MD of Ranchlands expressing interest in annexation of part of their land, the Pass had an OBLIGATION TO DISCLOSE the new mining interest which they were aware of. I guess in Gallants mind it is good business to keep Ranchlands in the dark but I think it is crooked.

    Good luck Brain on your re election ambitions in October.

  17. peter rosner says:

    So what makes you think some of them will not run in the next election. Also i did not say i was supporting them but from what i can see of their individual characters they feel they have done this community no harm and are moving it forward. We will see who puts their names forward. I will say this i have never supported whole sale changes on council i dont feel that is wise or the best option for this community.

  18. Anonymous says:

    They don’t have clue about the damage that has been done. Self-righteous.

  19. Peter Rosner says:

    SO now i propose this question to the voters out there (Maybe John could run a column on this alone). Has any member of the current council impressed you enough to consider voting for them in the next election. I know we are going to get the usual “NO” answers so tell us why in a reasonable manner. But if you support this council i would like to know what they have done either as individuals or as a group to impress you. And please council haters please refrain from blasting them lets here what they have to say.—– Thanks John

  20. Anonymous says:

    I will not vote for any of this 7.They are not individuals, they are one group.On the major issues they vote 7 -0.So in my mind you are either all for them or all against them.I am against them for several reasons.TITV, how they handled the fireman situation, all of the new hiring in administration, raising of fees. I could go on about the negatives but there is no point in beating a dead horse. I actually could care less what gets brought in over the next 9 months, none of these men will get my vote.Why would I vote for 1 person and 6 lemmings.

  21. Anonymous says:

    An interesting commentary for all of us to consider:

    “Those to whom much has been given sometimes suffer from arrogance; or rather the people around them suffer. Arrogance is doubly a pity, because the talents of the arrogant serve primarily themselves. The arrogant assumes his views and opinions are The Truth. In arrogance, natural confidence goes sadly awry. Rather than the self-assurance born of knowing his own strengths and limitations, arrogance admits no limits. The arrogant brooks no weakness in himself and may even secretly rejoice to find flaws in others. But imperfections are inherent in being human, so the arrogant, like everyone else, always has feet of clay, however well hidden they may be. Fearing exposure, haughtiness forms a hard shell masking inner emptiness.

    The arrogant sees first himself. Rather than offering respect to all, arrogance demands respect from all. Dismissive, arrogance poisons all relationships: with himself, with others, and with the spiritual depths.”

  22. Anonymous says:

    There is NOT one person on this council that has stood out as being worthy of getting re elected. As far as I am concerned they were all voted in under false pretences. The stories they spun for us on their pre election platform were fairy tales and after the election the fairy tales continued. Then they spent thousands of our tax money to bring people in to tell the smart MARE what to do. That was $ down the drain. The smart MARE still does not get it. Good riddence to all of them.

  23. peter rosner says:

    WOW Anon 9:01 that is a very powerfull statement. It gives a person food for thought and reason to do some soul searching. Thanks for your input but i have always been an eye for an eye, let the chips fall where they may type of person. If people cant deal with that im sorry but i have no intention of changing.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Peter, another person comes to mind when thinking about AROGANCE and claims to THE TRUTH.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Peter, thank you for taking my attention back to Anom 9:01. This is a very good summary of what is going on in the Pass. It explains council’s blindness to their own arrogance.

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