Oh Me, Oh My, What’s Going On?

Delay expected in the hiring of a Economic Development Officer

Today on CJPR radio news I heard Randy Spencer tell us that the Mayor told council we should not hire an Economic Development Officer (EDO) as planned and much anticipated, before the end of the year, after all. We should wait until May of next year (2013) before doing so. No reason was given by Randy as to why, thereby in typical fashion giving us only half the story?

If this wasn’t bad enough the Mayor also stated he thought the newly formed Economic Development Board (EDB) should be disbanded, until May 2013, also.

In an economically depressed area such as ours, for a Mayor and council to think economic development is such a low priority that it can wait until 2.5 years into their 3 year term, speaks volumes as to the major disconnect of how out of touch they really are with our community and its real and urgent needs. Never mind the fact they put the cart in front of the horse with their unconscionable tax and spend policies that have been both controversial and costly with no way of paying for them now, except by way through local residents pocketbooks.

Talk by some of the boys at one of the watering-holes this morning is that despite all the on-going and never-ending pie in the sky promises by this Mayor and CAO, regarding a major new hotel development, manufacturing plant and heavy industry (which you would think an EDO and an EDB would be urgently needed and wanted?), that maybe this is a way for them to keep the lid on the fact ‘nothing’ concrete is happening (maybe, also, that is why they didn’t want me on the EDB? Only family and friends) with these so-called developments. Buying for time and hoping for a miracle, are we?

Add to the above the timing (Christmas Holidays) and reasoning for this major turnabout and whether or not the Ratepayers Petition and/or the Municipal Affairs Investigation has anything to do with this decision? So many questions and no answers?

One thing this Mayor and council has been really good at is keeping people in the dark, allowing rumours and speculation to run rampant, thereby fueling the fires of discontent against them. You would think that by now one of their expensive consulting firms would’ve given them a heads up in this regard? But no, it seems all the expensive advice they are getting on our dime is lacking in one important area the ‘experts’ can’t seem to pass on or come to terms with… good ol’ fashioned “common sense”.

Oh Me, Oh My, What’s Going On?



You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

from John Prince
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21 Responses to Oh Me, Oh My, What’s Going On?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree that nothing is really happening just a whole bunch of Bridgecreek lies.
    I think them not hiring an EDO may have something to do with the budget they are working on. Now that all of the numbers are coming in as to what the costs will be for a full year I think they are starting to see their errors.They should have hired the EDO first and when you get some results you start making some of the changes to administration slowly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mayor and council should make a point of taking this in, as they obviously need all the help they can get when it comes to economic development.

    January 24 presentation to kick off Economic Development Committee 2013 Monthly Speakers Series

  3. What is the point of this? if he is saying May now that really means June/July. We will be in to the final months of this council’s term. I think we have been misled with false expectations, and timelines for the last two years. Before first snow fall, by Christmas, the deal will be done in two weeks, heavy industry first quarter, Ranchlands $$$, this is what the hotel could look like……………..

    Happy New Year
    Dean Ward

  4. Jose says:

    You guys don’t get it. The money allotted for the ED Officer has been spent for the Deputy Fire Chief. Same $ I’d bet. TOP PRIORITY for the gumba is the Fire Department and its integration. Nothing else matters.

    To him all is on track and according to plan: Plan A, no B, no C, no D, ah! Plan F. Plus, I think he used all his grains of sand for his icy driveway.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Trying to figure out the last blog entry. Now I get it.

    Gumba- 1. A person who is careless in either actions or remarks in a way that is often offensive and/or sarcastic but usually not too serious. The term is used playfully because a person being a Gumba, much like the characters of similar name in Super Mario Bros., is not to be taken as a serious threat, just playfully annoying.
    Many Gumbas don’t know how weak they are or else they would never behave in ways that encourage others to stomp on their heads.

    2. An insult used when you want to seem more polite than you feel. i.e. “It’s nicer than calling someone a retarted idiotic bafoon.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can’t understand 2:22. Too clever. Still stuck – with the rest of them – in the first chapter of the Strategic Plan. The pillars are worthy of an old Mario console.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it has occurred to Himself’s Worship that an EDO and EDB (is that the same as “Economic Development & Tourism Advisor Committee” ?) would horn in on his secret back room dealings with developers.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They think they are creating development behind the scenes and we will all appreciate their effort once they put it out for us on the silver plate. Having uneducated amateurs messing with this may confuse everyone once the credits roll in. They are quick to lay blame, but they will be even quicker in claiming credit. This will be a painful ten months to watch.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am not even sure we need an Economic Advisor.
    I do not believe economics are as bad as some of the bloggers make out.

  10. Jose says:

    Anon Dec 30 @1:06 pm – then pray tell, why in the world did we need a “new” Fire Department and all of those high priced Managers and Directors for such a Podunk community where the economy is good?

    They recognize their overspending and over hiring and are on a CYA route. It looks like YOUR economics is good, but will it be when the new tax bills roll in? but then you may already have a cushy Muni job.


  11. Anonymous says:

    No, no muni job for me.
    But things are still pretty reasonable here. People can still afford to buy houses here, unlike Calgary say. I think all things are pretty reasonable here on the whole. There will always be complainers no matter what though.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anon 6:52 You are missing the point.You say the economics are not that bad and things are pretty reasonable on the whole.You are right on these points.But Jose points out “why in the world did we need a “new” Fire Department and all of those high priced Managers and Directors”. So the point is, if everything is good why bring on everything that Jose mentions?
    Council is either trying to solve a problem or they are being extremely wasteful.It is one or the other, you can not have it both ways.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well in the end having one fire department instead of five or so, you are going to save money. I think they are on the right track perfecting one station. When it is all said and done I am sure it will be more efficient.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Having a Fire Department that has less firefighters and less equipment, but costs a lot more to operate, is not about efficiency. It appears the savings will come in the distant future, but you have to pay today. These kind of calculations always come short, and there will be no savings. Now, if this was a private business restructuring – those in charge would get their walking papers. This kind of “restructuring” can only happen on a taxpayer’s dime, and more dimes to come.

  15. Some very simple math:

    2010 All our Fire departments and Rescue combined costed less than $400,000 to operate.
    Now we have an administration that made up of the following:
    Director of Protective and Community Services. $120,000 a year lets assume half his time is charged to Fire/Rescue $60,000
    Fire Chief $110,000
    Deputy Fire Chief $90,000

    The administrative salary alone is $260,000 per year add 35% that the municipality allows for the costs of their benefits brings that number up to $351,000 per year before we have spoke about anything else.
    So I don’t care if you run 1,2,3 or 4 stations you are not going to do it for less than $400,000 a year.

    Dean Ward

  16. Jose says:

    It seems to all go back to the Fire Department issue. At the June Town Meeting, the Mayor bragged about having the most efficient and best Fire Department in ALL of Southern Alberta – chest puffed out. We all know where that went – a few setbacks and reorganizations and budget revisions after that announcement – each more costly than the next.

    Since when does one have to have the bestest, newest, biggest fire engines? Obviously, the Mayor didn’t get a nice red fire truck for Christmas way back.

    It is the people that make these machines and equipment operate properly. There has to be a balance. Also, one has to consider the culture, people relationships and costs. This has been and is totally missed by the Mayor and Council as they ramp up to compete with who?- Calgary Fire Department.


  17. John Prince says:

    If I may, back to the point of this blog post.

    The fact this mayor does not want an EDO and EDB (who one would imagine would be privy to all things pertaining to economic development and therefore accountable to an inquiry) ‘before’ the municipal affairs investigator gets here and does his job makes me highly suspicious as to the backroom dealings going on, specifically as they relate to the CLC site as a future hotel development ‘opportunity’ for ‘ambitious’ men in positions of power and influence with visions of a quick buck deal.

    Does the expression “once burnt twice shy,” come to mind to anyone?


  18. This will all lead up to a bunch of hot items being on the burner just prior to the election. (Hotel,Quebec Manufacturers,Camp sites, Heavy Industry, Provincial assistance grabbing MD Ranchlands piggy bank)
    That require the certainty and continuity of the present council remaining in place not to scare any of the above of.
    Keep an eye on the timing.

    Happy New Years

    Dean Ward

  19. Anonymous says:

    Every meeting, phone call, email should be documented and should be open to the inspectors.I agree with you John,I just have a feeling the shredders and the delete button are working overtime(or not at all, if it is pure BS).
    The CNP is a pretty small place and word gets around pretty fast but other than the Mare has anybody seen these guys from Quebec with the manufacturing plant who have visited us so often?Also the CC site, other than your deep throat rumour, I am hearing nothing.You would think if something was really happening the rumours would be flying around.
    In a town famous for getting a story out, it sure is quiet out there.

    Happy New Year!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it is because the Ratepayers and Sue Aris have all the answers and they need not bother now. Who’d have thunk it was so simple. The next council will solve everything. We just need to flush the current one. That is CNP politics isn’t it? Happy New Year

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is that Sue Aris not from Pincher Creek?

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