Why Liberals oppose this out-of-touch budget

Out-of-Touch Budget

John —

Last week at a Working Families town hall, I met a steel worker who’d just lost his job. With his family beside him, he broke down in tears as he asked for help.

He doesn’t want charity, he wants a job. This government doesn’t care about him, but we do.

As he spoke, I kept thinking to myself: How much further out-of-touch could this Conservative government be?

And then I saw today’s budget. The Conservatives are “staying the course” on $6 billion for tax breaks for the largest corporations. $13 billion on failed US-style mega-prisons. $30 billion for an untendered stealth fighter jet deal.

Nothing in today’s budget will help that steel worker’s family. Liberals are standing with working families, but in Stephen Harper’s Canada, they’re on their own.

With your help, we can focus on what really matters to Canadians: jobs, health care and pensions you can count on, affordable post-secondary education and training, support for family caregivers, and child care and early learning for our kids.

Liberals know what we stand for. And we’re making a clear choice to stand with Canadian families.

Liberals cannot support a budget that is out-of-touch with Canadian families’ priorities. And we will not support a government that deceives Canadians, breaks the law, and attacks our democracy.

Canadians want a different kind of Canada. An ambitious Canada. An entrepreneurial, innovative Canada. Where equal opportunity is back at the centre of Canadian life.

With an election call potentially days away, you can make a real contribution to the Liberal election fund to help us get our message out with a well-funded campaign and new TV ads.

Please donate what you can right now, and choose the Canada you believe in.


Thank you.

Michael Ignatieff


Conservative Spending Priorities….Graphically

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    An out-of-touch budget from an out-of control government.

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