Polarization is not a good plan for Canada

Goodale Commentary:

Both the Conservatives and the NDP claim that Canadians would be better off with only two political parties (them, of course) dominating our system of governance – one on the right and one on the left, just like the Americans.

They contend such polarization would make politics so much simpler. Every decision would be a straight two-way choice: Black or White? Good or Bad? Right or Wrong?

Simpler? Maybe. But better? Not necessarily!

Proof of the havoc caused by simplistic polarized politics, is obvious in the economic chaos battering the United States.

The world watched in disbelief this summer as the Americans took their country to the brink of defaulting on their debts – risking another global recession – because sterile ideologies locked them into reckless confrontation. There was no search for creative ideas or sensible common ground.

With divisions so deep, one prominent financial rating agency downgraded America’s credit-worthiness – “due to a lack of credible leadership in Congress”. That triggered wild and costly gyrations in global currency and stock markets.

These are the fruits of polarization!

The carnage didn’t stop at the US border. The pensions and savings of millions of Canadian families took a huge hit, because they rely on stock market growth and stability, which polarization undermines.

Thousands of small businesses (Canada’s best job creators) are hurting, because a frail American dollar and worried American consumers make it tougher for us to export.

With the US economy staggering and their polarized political system incapable of finding effective solutions with broad-based buy-in, the prosperity of millions is jeopardized.

A Conservative/NDP push for ideological polarization in Canada is self-serving and wrong.

Balance, inclusion and accommodation. Fairness and innovation. Not the wedge politics of division, but public policy that recognizes strength in diversity and tries to pull people together. This approach will serve Canada better.

Ralph Goodale, M.P.

from John Prince
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6 Responses to Polarization is not a good plan for Canada

  1. Chloe says:

    John, we the citizens, do not need simple politics. What we need are politicians that give a damn about today, tomorrow, not the next election. Mr.Goodale is right on with his message. Sadly it falls on the deaf ears of the spineless spin doctors that the electorate, keep returning to power. With that power they are spending this country into oblivion, pushing us closer to the failed US model and creating a greater have/have not society. My voice comes from Ontario where McGuinty has made us a have not province. Spending is out of control, waste in government programs rampant and no one willing to be accountable. Gee sounds a bit like the CNP ;) Thanks for sharing an excellent article John, hope your future is looking a bit brighter these days. Take care.

  2. John Prince says:

    Chloe, you said a mouthful that I totally agree with.

    I have no future. Only a present and a past. I am a Pass rat… a disenfranchised old man, considered by some as one of the walking dead… at least some are of this opinion. :-)

  3. Fred Poirier says:

    Hi John,
    anyone that believes that the party in power is the problem for our economy being in trouble has a big problem to solve in their own mind.
    The problems are the people themselves. Elected or bureaucrats most of them have no conscience, the majority are psycopaths and the few that want to do a good job are the minority, they can never win. Those people would defend their job at all costs with lies and false statements. Then comes Jack Layton who was doing the job the way it’s supposed to be done, then the whole country is in shock because it never happened before, that a politician would be honest with the voters or the public.
    A private company gives a “CEO” a perk because he performs and produces something. Our politicians do the minimum possible, get a pention for life for lying to us, what an accomplishment!
    We had a few good reporters that used to stay on their ass telling the world what they were doing, right or wrong, then they approached these reporters and turned them into senators, a place to go to sleep for the rest of your life at twice the money you were making as a reporter “PROBLEM SOLVED”
    How many more of these scams are there that we don’t know about?
    Accountability, responsibility, honesty, seems to be the words just for the old testament.

  4. John Prince says:

    Fred, very powerful and very true. We seem to have lost our way as a country and as a people and now are being led astray by those who do not have our best interests at heart, but there’s instead. At least some of us, like you and Chloe, have our eyes open but unfortunately we are the exception rather than the rule.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is it Canadians didn’t vote for Layton while he was alive and give this country a chance to get rid of Harper and the Liberals for awhile. Now he has passed, he was sooooooooo good.

  6. Chloe says:

    Our ward did not have an NDP candidate for a long while. Did you vote NDP the last election? Take care.

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