At least 17 people arrested in Montreal

…. in protest against police brutality.

Police Brutality in Montreal

MONTREAL — At least 17 people have been arrested at an anti-police brutality demonstration in Montreal Sunday.

Police spokesman Ian Lafreniere says many of them were arrested because they were carrying sticks or stones.

One police officer has been slightly injured.

Several hundred people, many wearing masks, are taking part in the protest against what organizers call police brutality.

The annual event has turned violent in recent years, with widespread vandalism leading to numerous arrests.

There have been fears this year’s demonstration could be worse because it is the first since police fatally shot 18-year-old Fredy Villanueva last August.

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The way things have been going the whole country should be protesting, and not just Montreal. Kudo’s to Quebec! They were the first (and only, so far) province to ban police use of Tasers and now the first to stand up against police brutality. The rest of the provinces should get some backbone and follow their lead.


“… there are times when the only feeling I have is one of mad revolt.”

from John Prince
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2 Responses to At least 17 people arrested in Montreal

  1. Jose says:

    Now, let’s see. This is an “Annual Event”, and potential violence was possible –from the cops I presume? The marchers were carrying sticks and stones –likely to keep the nasty cops from rushing at them. What do you expect the cops to do –let them march until the windows are broken, looting starts and heads are bashed?

    You praise Quebec, but they have brought this problem on themselves –bringing in French speaking immigrants from North and Central Africa, and expecting them to integrate into a closed Society? Witness France and other parts of Europe. Quebec’s problems are just starting.

  2. John Prince says:

    Jose, my friend, you assume too much. If you remember a couple years back two or three members of Sûreté du Québec (Québec’s provincial police force) were video taped at a demonstration wearing bandanas and carrying ‘rocks’ who were trying to start a riot before being literally unmasked.

    Besides, I find it interesting that both you and the reporter who covered the story above ‘totally’ disregarded or missed the point and intent behind the march – ‘police brutality’! Montreal’s finest have a much earned reputation for this sort of thing, and therefore the march to bring public awareness to this issue. But to no avail apparently as you and the mainstream media chose to ignore it as usual. Police state?

    Your last comment could be applied to almost every major city in this country. Montreal and Quebec are the rule and not the exception, I’m afraid.

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