At last! Polls we can believe in

Polls we can believe in

Before the election was called and practically every day since, the HarperCONS have been involved in one scandal or controversy after another, and yet their poll numbers basically stayed the same? Today, finally, we got polls that we can actually believe in, showing an ‘orange wave’ sweeping the land.

With a week to go, who knows what might happen? Maybe a real paradigm-shift in how we are governed… and treat one another. Wouldn’t that be nice.

From wage and debt slaves to masters in our own home… now there’s a dream worth living for… and voting for.

RISE UP! and get out your vote!

Poll: NDP moves ahead of Liberals in ‘astonishing shift’



Dream today; make it real tomorrow.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go NDP!!! Finally.

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