Canada needs a Pro-Democracy Movement….

…. of its own.

Time for Canadians to stand up, and take back our country

The Disaffected Lib is a political blog site that I have recently begun to follow, and I am glad I do, because much of what is said there (that I have read) is stuff I totally agree with. Including, today’s suggestion that Canadians form our own Pro-Democracy Movement, as put forth in the post: Just what Canada needs – A “Pro-Democracy Movement”, and by Susan Riley, from the Ottawa Citizen, in her excellent article: Let the games end.

Based on my own experience in the federal Alberta riding of Macleod, I believe the Liberal Party of Canada has been infected (like a cancer) and as such is being destroyed from within by official political blogging communities like Liblogs, and from Liberal riding associations, who appear to have been bought and are in the back pockets of the CPC.

With the above in mind, I believe a Pro-Democracy Movement is not only in order but something desperately needed to save our country from ‘economic strangulation’, and ‘social disintegration’. We are being sold out and lead down a dangerous path by Harper and the conservatives. Therefore, doing nothing is not an option. Something must be done! The following quote makes this quite clear:

“We hear often there is no use in working to improve our life, to fight evil, or to establish justice, because progress will occur by itself. Imagine that a boat floats along a river. Imagine that those who have sat by the oars and rowed tirelessly have stopped and gone ashore; and that travelers who remain in the boat do not bother to take up the oars and push the boat further, but think that it will travel by itself, as before, into the future.”

All of us must stand and deliver, if we are to take back our country… and save it. A ‘Pro-Democracy Movement’ sounds like just the ticket to get us there.


All that is human must retrograde if it does not advance.

from John Prince
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2 Responses to Canada needs a Pro-Democracy Movement….

  1. John Prince says:

    Don’t everybody rush to get on the band wagon here. After all, there is still me, myself and I covering things here for ya. :-(

    Talking about three’s reminds me of the following quote:

    There are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those who never know what hit them.

    Which one are you??

    Now, I’m going out and getting on with my Saturday. When I come back, I expect to see some of you with pitchforks and torches in hand. Afterall, it’ll soon be… SATURDAY NIGHT!!! :-)

  2. Dear My Canadian Prince:

    Please get your wagon(s)out. I am ready to jump in and take the action against Financial industries, the Mistry of Finance and the rest of their rich and powerful abusive friends to stop pushing us, the little guys arround. I am realdy to make the move right now, and
    Tell the government to Restore Integrity to our Financial System. Despite the heart-wrenching impact of the economic crisis, we still have not seen the financial regulatory system reform that is critical for preventing the same thing from happening again.

    Faced with job losses, foreclosures, and failing businesses, many of us have reformed our personal financial practices. It’s time for our financial institutions to do the same.


    Have a good week-end Sincerely;

    Simone Sanoubane

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