Ratepayers Petition Meeting: Photos and Video

Ratepayers Petition Meeting

There’s standing room and then there’s STANDING ROOM.
This is another shot from Thursday’s petition meeting at the Hillcrest Miner’s Club in the Crowsnest Pass.

Photos Courtesy: Jamie Thomson

Ratepayers Petition Meeting
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Ratepayers Petition Meeting
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News – CTV Lethbridge – Oct.12/12


Rather than dwell on what should be done. Do what can be done. You might just accomplish what should be done.

from John Prince
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16 Responses to Ratepayers Petition Meeting: Photos and Video

  1. Jose says:

    If that many people attended, what is the seating capacity of the Club re fire department rules, and how many people were actually inside? If more than the number allowed, where was our Fire Chief to enforce the occupancy capacity rule? This is not a new bylaw I’m sure.

    Perhaps the police needed to accompany the Chief were protecting the Mayor, Council and Chief. Talk about discontent and divisivness.

    Seems that the outside Do Gooders know what’s best for the rest of us. However we the peole gave them the mandate. I’d bet most of the present members of the Ratepayers voted in the Mayor. Welcome to the 21st Century, the new brand name for the Crowsnest Pass!

    Perhaps it’s time to recognize that opportunities passed by cannot be compensated for by applying new rules, regulations and by laws. We have attempted to apply complicated rules, regulations and bylaws in an effort to right past wrongs and jump into the future. Simple rules sometimes are best for simple situations. This has been lost in the fray.

    The sooner that Council and Administration recognize this the better. These guys attended one too many meetings, conferences and talked to too many Consultants, and their heads are in the clouds. Kudos for trying but it is time to get back on the ground.


  2. Anonymous says:

    “In those countries where wise people are in power, their subjects do not notice the existence of their rulers.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jose, this is an issue,(which is not a bylaw), for a “qualified” fire marshall, which our new fire chief is not, and also the AGLC. Please take a few breaths. Nice ramble, but I find it difficult to figure out who’s side you are really on? You seem to be attacking both sides.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Many of the issues that have been raised can be brushed off as difference of opinion, poor communication or incompetence. The province may take this view to avoid getting involved in a can of worms.

    One issue that can’t be dismissed so easily is spending without authorization or accountability, the most flagrant being RumRunnerDays 2012.

    The MGA says:

    Expenditure of money
    248(1) A municipality may only make an expenditure that is
    (a) included in an operating budget, interim operating budget or capital budget or otherwise authorized by the council,
    (b) for an emergency, or
    (c) legally required to be paid.
    (2) Each council must establish procedures to authorize and verify expenditures that are not included in a budget.

    (JP, does CNP have “procedures to authorize and verify expenditures that are not included in a budget”?)

  5. Anonymous says:

    the comment made by anon about the new fire cheif is true he is not certified to do fire inspection in alberta so again the admin in the crowsnest pass hire someone that is not qualified to do the job but i guess you have to scrap the bottom of the barrel to get anyone to come here. the municipal council needs to take a hard look at themselves

  6. John Prince says:

    Anon @10:06
    Not everything can be budgeted for as things do come up and therefore there are contingency funds available, and methods used to deal with them. However, Rum Runner Days was a planned event that by rights should have had money set aside for it in the budget.

    Interesting, that this coming Tuesday after three months of dragging their feet in presenting an accounting for the costs of this year’s Rum Runner Days, we will finally be getting some answers.

    I suspect we will find council really dropped the ball on this one.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Whether it is true or not, the zeal with which the council has gone against the Blairmore fire department and its chief can be perceived as a petty vendetta for the Rum Runner weekend fiasco. Some big egos were bruised. We can expect more desperate stories coming out to justify what they have done to our fire departments.

  8. peter rosner says:

    ANON 11.09 you are exactly right i knew this was coming (a showdown between the council and the fire department). Our former mayor was smart enough not to go there. When this began to unfold with Thunder in the valley you just knew the train was going to come off the rails. I warned some of the councillers at that time they were done, the firemen are just too well connected to the community. And rightfully so– has any one of these current mayor and councilers given to the community what the firemen have? Looks like they wanted to push things further and try and justify their actions. Now they have pissed off the ratepayers and even some of the people that voted them in. Nobody i have talked to can visualize their concept for this community all the public sees is even higher taxes to pay for this mess. There are defenitely some huge egoes involved that are used to having their own way. I guess we will wait and see if municipal affairs steps in, if not they can do even more damage.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “petty vendetta”
    No firetrucks in parade and no collections made for MS.
    Who exactly did the BFD punish with their turn at being petty? Children and a major charity is who.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Children disappointed over no fire engines at the parade and a few dollars not going to MS is a small price to pay. Last term the Four Horsemen took control now this group with no respect for how we do things here. No one dismisses one of ours without a fight. We have to teach them a lesson NOW.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am not too sure that the firemen should dismiss children and charities quite so quickly.
    I am sure the firemen do an excellent job and everyone appreciates them beyond doubt; but I don’t think they should put themselves above everyone else as being the most important people in the Pass.

  12. Anonymous says:

    JP 9:41:

    Sorry, my point was not about the “emergency” aspect, it’s that the whole thing was not authorized AT ALL, as far as I can tell.

    MGA 180(1) “A council may act only by resolution or bylaw.”
    This is just a statement of the “Rule of Law”.

    Did Council pass resolutions to establish the RRD committee, appoint the chairman, spend money, contract with rock groups, hire buses or use public land, resources and employee time? Not to mention barricade Blairmore and issue “Parking Passes” to get in?

    This is the sort of thing that rings alarm bells at Municipal affairs.

    I know that up to 2011 the Municipality gave RRD modest support without formal authorization or accountability, but since Saindon publicly denounced this arrangement a year ago, they don’t have this excuse.

    These guys claim to be all about proper policies and procedures but they don’t even follow the most basic rules.

  13. Anonymous says:

    to anon 5 11 pm next time you put your heart and soul and blood sweat and tears into building something like the bfd then have someone unjustly fire you a volunteer i might add come and talk to us and look for sympathy

  14. peter rosner says:

    I know this was not an easy decision for the firemen and remember they didnt pick this fight. But why should they be bulled over by this council. Just think about this for a minute and ask yourself how many changes they have seen on council and at the municipal office during their various terms as volunteers. In 34 years a lot, some are second generation “volunteer” firemen and possibly longer. Yet they have always provided this community with a relatively affordable fire service. But i guess not all this council has been here to appreaciate what they have given and the ones that have been should know better. The seem to have awfully short memories. If this council gets away with full time firemen prepare to get screwed.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Many of us who have voted for this council are now signing the petition. It is never too late to admit when one makes a mistake. It is obvious that most of the councilors are oblivious to what is going on in the community. It is disappointing how they have treated different volunteer groups and boards on which our community depends. Small communities, unlike bigger urban centers, need strong and autonomous voluntreer organizations in orderr to keep TAXES down. This is what makes small communities strong and a good place to live. We can’t hire consultans and bureaucrats every time a new question rises. We have to rely on the resources that we have and can afford. This is why signing the petition is so important.

  16. Jose says:

    Anon 7:53 PM

    AMEN!!! Well said.


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