Time to disband the RCMP

…. as they and their masters are corrupt to the core.

RCMP needs overhaul

Calgary Herald

Paul Kennedy, the outgoing head of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, believes his scathing report into the videotaped death of a Polish immigrant will change the way Canadians view the Mounties. He’s being generous. The RCMP can blame their damaged reputation on nothing more than the actions of some of their own members, aided by a long culture of coverup.

More denials won’t restore credibility to Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who are at a pivotal moment in their long and storied history. Truth and responsibility, however, might prove the right mix of stain remover. The symbolic red surge has been sullied by the force’s dirty laundry, with one scandal after another and a series of inquiries and reports, some of which have never been acted upon.

The latest indictment came this week from Kennedy, who documented a litany of mistakes made by the four officers involved in the death of Robert Dziekanski, at the Vancouver airport. They deployed their Tasers too quickly, seconds after arriving, five times over a 31-second period, he reported. They also made no attempt to resolve the situation without violence.

The whole thing smells of a big coverup. (The Crown will not be laying criminal charges against the officers, one of whom, Monty Robinson, was recently charged with attempting to obstruct justice.)

The report confirms what most Canadians already knew, thanks to a citizen video tape of Dziekanski’s final moments.

Witness Paul Pritchard, 27, is the real hero in this tragedy. Without his video, it’s likely the truth would never have surfaced, or the official record corrected. The public received “erroneous information” that was fed to the media at the time of Dziekanski’s death, and deliberately not corrected for another 14 months.

It’s an understatement when Kennedy says the way the force responded to its mishandling of Dziekanski’s death will “represent a defining moment in the history of the RCMP.”

The manner in which the RCMP responds to my report and that of Justice (Thomas) Braidwood to follow will have a profound impact on how the iconic institution is viewed by Canadians,” wrote Kennedy.

So far, the response has been more of the same, with RCMP Commissioner William Elliott writing a letter saying he will respond later. His silence, quite frankly, is stunning. Dziekanski died on Oct. 14, 2007. You’d think he could have worked out a statement by now.

The federal government responded no better, telling Kennedy his term is up, and he will not be reappointed after four years in the job. During that time, Kennedy has persistently pushed the federal government to create an independent watchdog with real teeth, and for Mounties to stop investigating themselves, two steps this paper has long advocated.

Dziekanski’s death is a tragedy, but if it leads to real reform of the RCMP, he will not have died in vain. Change is needed at the highest level before Canadians can forgive or forget the recent history of the RCMP. Accountability, truth and transparency are the only hope of restoring honour to this once-great institution.


Note: The RCMP have been out of control for some time. For years now, it has been one scandal after another along with a series of inquiries and reports that clearly show a long culture of coverup after coverup, and a penchant for resorting to violence all too frequently, when attempting to resolve situations. The bodies keep piling up.

They are not what they used to be and instead have been turned into the modern day equivalent of Taser toting Gestapo police. A corrupt conservative government and cabinet has resulted in a corrupt national police force. State violence has become the norm in Canada today. That needs to change!

It is time the RCMP were broken up and Regional policing with civilian oversite take their place.

The country had fallen into a state of moral putrefaction, with corruption running rampant throughout the government ranks.

from John Prince
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14 Responses to Time to disband the RCMP

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is really wrong is, Canada is corrupt up to the eye balls. Is there a government official who dares to point out RCMP as corrupt? Chances are not. The RCMP, have too much, unsavory goods on governing officials. Why else would this country ignore the atrocities of the police? They are a disgrace to Canada, however, politicians, are also a disgrace. So, what is needed,is, a strong uncorrupted leader for this country, to purge, every corrupt official and government agency. Fat chance, we have for that to happen. Corruption pays very well, and no government official wants to lose their cash cow. Canadians, have only contempt for government leaders and the RCMP. Once upon a time, we used to be proud of Canada, and of the RCMP. Their is no pride in either one of them. The only icon for Canada, is Anne Murray. When Americans were asked what they knew of Canada, they would say, the RCMP and Anne Murray, now, it’s only Anne Murray.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What I found disgusting about the RCMP male officers,is the sexual mistreatment towards female officers. It is always the male officer, who is corrupt and committs atrocious crimes. We have seen the RCMP earning the disrespect of, Canadian citizens for many years now. I also feel the RCMP should be disbanded, because, there are too many bad deeds, they continue to do. What, I do feel bad about, are the good officers, who want to do good police work. However, they must lie and cover up for the bad ones. There are just too many bad cops, that have ruined their once honorable force, beyond redemption.

  3. mycdnprince says:

    Anon @12:20 and 5:35
    Thanks for your comments and your opinions. I would add the following to what you say:

    Canada’s axis of evil: RCMP, Politicians… and a compliant and complicit Media.

    Real change needs to take place in all three areas. Otherwise, we risk the danger of continuing down the road towards a fascist state, and democracy, as we have come to know and love it, will no longer exist. Harper’s conservatives are taking us down this road, faster than most people realize, and changing our country for the worst with every day they are in power. That must stop! People all over this country must stand up with like minded politicians/political parties, and take back our country. We can start by disbanding the RCMP into regional police forces having civilian oversight. The media will fall in line when the public outcry and political pressure are exerted. Politicians, however, will not act in our best interest until we force them to. Public pressure must be applied. We must all do our part, in whichever way we can.

    Personally, I would like to take a Flamethrower to parliment hill :-) … but, I’m holding myself back, in the hope, democracy still works in this country.

    Like Lennon said,
    You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

  4. Anonymous says:

    To serve and corrupt …rcmp

  5. Jose says:

    As soon as the Internet is under the control of the Govt, you’ll know there is no hope. So far they are only monitoring us….. Before you all trash the RCMP so much, try visiting some of the other “free” countries in the world, or a few of Buba’s counties in the Southern USA. Every organization has a few bad apples. With our revolving door justice system, who’d want to be a policeman?

    Most Politicians, and especially those in Ottawa, are seduced by power and get totally disconnected from reality and what they were elected to do for the people. VOTE THEM OUT, because I doubt if there are enough people in this dumbed down, beholden to the Govt society we now live in to mount your revolution. The Sixties are long gone, or we’d be in the streets by now.

    Times have changed, the people have changed and the govts have changed – we are at the end of our Democracy, or whatever you want to call it. The old Commies, radical Socialists, Marxists and “do-gooders” who protect those who preach to bring down this Country are now in control through the Courts, Universities, schools and do-gooder organizations — all funded by the Govts. The last few years of extravagance on our part, govt mismanagement, and our “rolling over to the immigrants’ wishes” has changed Canada forever. We best get our compass back on track. Turbans first, Burkas next? I’m not looking forward to the New Canada. John, compared to these turkeys you and I are amateurs in effecting change……..


  6. John Prince says:

    “Every organization has a few bad apples”, you say. Well at the RCMP, most of them are at the top. The balance are good guys/gals just trying to do a job. The problem is the guys at the top are allowing the ‘Bubba’ bottom feeders in the organization to run amok, torturing and terrorizing the citizentry, and leaving dead bodies wherever they go… with impunity. (When is the last time an RCMP actually went to jail for killing one of us?)

    The power for revolution is there, because the technology that enables it is here. By way of example, I remember not to long ago someone in London, England sent a text message that got sent around inviting people (as a lark?) to meet at a certain time at one of the tubes (skytrain/metro stations). Over 12,000 people showed up. That’s powerful! Just got to know how to tap into it and how to put it to useful use.

    Like Lennon said:
    “You say you want a revolution… Well..”

  7. Anonymous says:

    you are so right when you state the good RCMP have to cover up and lie and manipulate to help the corrupted ones if you’d like to know what i mean you can look on this web site

  8. Anonymous says:

    I, know a person who, tried to put up a web site, concerning the CRA, wanting to get stories and, wanted to find out the numbers of Citizens, in dispute. This came about when this person heard about the couple from Prince George, who lost their business, their home and all their savings because, the CRA, had shredded the couples tax papers. The CRA, didn’t even have the decency, to reimburse the couple. They had no money to hire a lawyer. I was pleased to hear, a lawyer, stepped up and offered to take the case of the fraudulent CRA, to court.

    The RCMP, are so corrupt, and committ worse crimes than the citizens they arrest. Some of their crimes are, atrocities and are sickening. They are in the position of trust, and that trust is gone. Campbell and Braidwood, are useless, how can anyone with any decency,allow, these atrocities to go on. However, Campbell, is a convicted criminal himself, so, how can he say anything. Thousands of people, do not want the RCMP as, an icon for Canada. Thousands, want the RCMP disbanded. We don’t want their contract to be renewed. Citizens, have seen some of their crimes, on TV, for the entire world to see. They, have the audacity to deny, they did anything wrong. It seems, Campbell and Braidwood, fell off the turnip truck. Campbell is in good hands, as the RCMP, drink and drive also, they can kill a man, leave him there to die. No, we don’t want to ever see their contract renewed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hell no! RCMP got to go!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the female officers need to be piggy backed by the male RCMP. Thye are the brutal ones. If were a female married to a RCMP I wouldnt want my spouse to be partnered to a female member. It maybe old school thinking but let the men be in the front line and keep the little woman at home or behind a desk.

  11. Byron Prior says:

    I’ve been abused and persecuted by the Legal System and RCMP for telling the truth. My story is on my web site at http;//maxpages.com/sexualabuse there is 10 pages of information and updates on my ongoing situation. The Legal system has jailed me for 6 months and 9 days to keep me quit. This is a total Conspiracy to cover-up the truth.

  12. Odette says:

    As a victim of the RCMP’s vicious harassment, I can only agree that they are a corrupt organization backed by the even more corrupt politicians that they have the goods on.

    Canada is a wealthy country and that invariably attracts corruption. Saying that is just being realistic and it means we need to be preemptive about it by building safeguards into the system.

    But first we need to clean house. The RCMP is broken and the rank and file are at least as brutal and corrupt as the brass. They are also ignorant and ill-trained, as we have seen over and over again all over this country.

    The solution: disband them, refuse to renew contracts, bother politicians until they do something about it. We also need a public inquiry where people could come and testify about how lousy the RCMP are at what they do, about the crimes they commit against honest citizens and ESPECIALLY about their horrid witness protection program. You haven’t been truly screwed until one of their witnesses commits a crime, such as rape, against you or a loved one and the cops tell you there will be no charges because you were the victim of a protected witness of the RCMP. That’s right, folks, some people have impunity in this country, and an RCMP protected witness is a special class of citizen who can get away with anything, including murder. Unsolved crimes, you say. I say, probably an RCMP witness indulging a hobby. Trust me, we need a public inquiry about that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes it seems I am on their cleaning list as well. They are harassing me on the internet by spreading disinformation and on the TV. I can only guess they have people in many places and sophisticated electronic spy gadgetry. They also use their cadets for psychological tactics like standing off in a distance at night with red lights flashing them at you while they are watching you with night vision goggles. They also have members of the community – in our case, these people drive by at all hours and purposely rev their engines as they are going by especially transport drivers that downshift as they are coming to a stop when there is no need to. This is all part of an elaborate plan of theirs to psychologically intimidate us.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mr. prince I whole heartily agree will everything you have said about the rcmp and the government.Mr.Harper who I will call Mr. Hitler because if he doesn’t get his way he refuses to deal with parliament leaving us with a totally disfunctional government again and again.I HATE what he is doing to this country but the rich and the rcmp and the military just love it.This gives him all the power to continually mess this country up. This is how you get another L.A. or Mexico city for that mater and that’s what they all want. Who ever thinks that history will not repeat it self like what happened in post war Germany is in denial because it is obvious where we are heading and too many Canadians don’t give a rats ass.So enjoy while you can because at this rate we are well on our way.

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