RCMP watchdog

…. launches new Taser probe around deaths.

Taser probe

The RCMP’s civilian watchdog will investigate every case in which a person died after being struck by a Mountie Taser (see story).

An earlier investigation concluded the RCMP was increasingly relying on the device in cases where a less drastic response was appropriate, including in situations involving the stunning of children, the elderly and people in handcuffs.

From my previous posts here and here, I obviously look at this as being good news, as the public has a right to know that you can walk out of your house and not expect to be Tasered by somebody because you’re walking erratically, or perhaps you had too much to drink, or some other situation that may have provoked that response. Police are suppose to serve and protect, not act as judge, jury and executioner, which is what they have been doing.

The present police state of Stockwell Day and his ‘Nazi’ loving Israeli supporting conservative buddies that we are living under, has to go, and their Tasers with them!

Land of the Taser, Home of the Slave.


He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave.

from John Prince
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