It Went Downhill After….

…. the Dude in the Funny Hat.

Rick’s Rant

From Rick Mercer

Rick's Rant

Usually I love a speech from the Throne. As far as politics go it’s pure show business. Everyone gets dressed up. There’s an actual throne for the Governor General and a little tiny chair for the Prime Minister to curl up in. And the whole thing starts when a dude in a funny hat marches up the hall and bangs on the door with an ebony rod, topped with the golden lion. Now unfortunately it all went down hill after that.

For starters it went on forever. Avatar was shorter. Now maybe it was the anticipation. After all, the Prime Minister closed down government for three months so he could “recalibrate”. Sometimes it’s hard to live up to the hype. Now when this happens in Hollywood they bring in experts at the last minute to insert some sex and violence, to distract the audience. Now unfortunately you can’t just insert a car chase in a throne speech, so the Tories did the next best thing, they announced the creation of, wait for it… Seniors’ day. Now that’s good government! Because as we know the greatest problem facing senior citizens on a fixed income in this country is they don’t have a day. Like, you know, secretaries do.

And then how about that twist at the halfway point, hey? The government announced the creation of a new award for volunteers called the Prime Minister’s award, featuring, wait for it, the Prime Minister. How sexy is that?

And then of course, the climax of the entire piece – they announce they wanted to rewrite the lyrics to O Canada to appeal to more women. Well, that went over really well, didn’t it? Especially on a week where the Minister in charge of the status of women, Helena Guergis, is so far off the rails she’s not allowed within a hundred feet of an airport, let alone an open microphone.

So there you have it. They had three months to prepare and the best they came up with was Seniors’ day, a Prime Minister’s award and the only thing they tried to recalibrate was the national anthem; an idea that lasted two days.

That’s not a speech from the Throne, that’s a cry for help.

: “Humor is also a way of saying something serious.” Harper, Helena Guergis and her husband Rahim Jaffer, and the rest of the Reform/Alliance/Conservative’s are a joke, but nobody is laughing anymore! :-( We need a change… they got to go!!!


Politics is made up largely of irrelevancies.

from John Prince
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