River Run Investors Meeting (Audio)

Audio: River Run Investors

Got a couple of emails today about an audio recording that was done at a recent meeting of Bridgegate (River Run) investors that I haven’t had a chance to hear yet (busy day in real estate :-)). One of them went as follows…

Canadian Business Magazine’s forum ‘Investing for Beginners’ has been the thread about the BBoys adventures. A posting today by Varabel has the Audio of the meeting including words from Mayor Irwin. Also posted are the voting results by the investors and legal paperwork from the Trustee. Take care.



UPDATE (Feb. 02)
: Just got a heads-up email that the above Audio Tape is no longer available. Sure enough, when I clicked on it there is no longer a tape to listen to? Oh well, at least it was up long enough for many of us to get an ‘ear-full’, so to speak.

Also, since nobody on council has ventured forth to tell us what is going on, I suspect rather than one or two of them being complicit in this fiasco, all of them must be! Sadly, as I figure it, that can be the only explanation for their continued silence on this matter (where has all the money gone?). I’m sure they are hoping they can ignore it until the night of the election forum, and then try and bamboozle their way through to being deserving of getting elected again. If the electorate allows them to get away with this, then they will deserve what they get… which is more ‘good government’… at taxpayer expense.

UPDATE (Feb. 03): Got an email this morning telling me the above site with the River Run Audio Tape is back up and running, and sure enough it is!
btw/ The new Chairman of the RiverRun Investors Group is Myron Achtman, who is also the webmaster for the above site. A good man to know and contact person for those with the need 1-800-578-1644.

from John Prince
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  1. John Prince says:

    After listening to the section of the tape with the Mayor, I say the municipality is being ‘sold out’. With, in all likelihood, long-term consequences, ramifications and costs that will, I think, be very costly and staggering for our local taxpayers. In this regard, our current financial problems (including ‘no reserves’) and dire economic condition can be attributed in no small part to having gotten to ‘friendly’, instead of keeping that ‘due diligence’ relationship on behalf of the municipality. As a result, we find ourselves with the short-end of the stick, and a heavy load to boot.

    I could point and accuse, but I won’t… I’ll leave it to others… if they so choose… especially come election time.

    I say, we should now cut our losses and run… as fast as we can. Or until a new mayor and council take over and can impartially access the situation on our behalf (the taxpayer).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, that was a significant amount of time I’ll never get back….you know..listening to that. Good thing I was multi-tasking at spider solitaire whilst listening. LOL

    So, John, what did the investors decide? Take over the land or to let Bill and his bunch build the showhomes?

  3. John Prince says:

    I’ll let others comment on that as I have been too busy and haven’t had a chance to hear more than the section with our mayor, which was enough for me. :-(

  4. John Prince says:

    Anon, from what I got the investors have decided to give Bill the boot and take over the land.

    I was impressed with the speakers and their approach to this matter; including coming to council with a plan, and with a development team this community can believe in, that turns this losing situation into a win win for everyone. We need to all come together on this and move forward as one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Colin Becker and Bill Bradley’s 2+ million dollar home in Palm Springs was forclosed upon by the lender January 2010.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why is the Bridgecreek situation such a secret in your community? Why do the local politicians not wish to talk about the white elephant (mounds of dirt) adjacent to highway 3.
    Why does the mayor attend a Bridgecreek meeting to support Bridgecreek, but the municipality and council seems to know nothing about it??
    So many things simply do not add up here.

  7. Chloe says:

    After hearing the Audio Tape, I remain stunned that any politician in the CNP would have any kind of ‘chummy’ relationship with the BBoys. I suspect come election time and more details being released, the politicians will sorely regret their decisions.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Apparantly there will be many more details being released IN THE NEAR FUTURE…stay tuned…if anyone wishes, they can speak now, or forever hold their “peace”.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The audio is back, listen to it before it disappears again, if anybody can tell us how to download it I would love to know.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi folks, I find your blog very interesting as I am involved with the investors group. I was at the meeting.

    We are finally taking control of the situation and forcing the issue with the developer, laying down some ground rules to get this thing moving.

    Thus far, however, the outlook for a continued relationship with them is less than optimistic. If we are forced to take over I am hopeful we can meet with representatives of the town, and not just the council to formulate a plan that we all can live with. We want to see our money returned, and you want that hole in the ground fixed, we have a common ailment, I hope we can cooperate on the remedy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wish you all of the luck in the world and I think the town and the people of this community will be very helpful to your cause.Bradley on the other hand will still own the majority of the land, which is a problem.We are tired of his promises and timeframes that just never seem to happen,and now we know why, all 5 million reasons.If bighorn could not make it on its own, it should have failed on its own.To put your money into a different project seems wrong to me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    One has to wonder where the developers went wrong with the River Run development, considering they had the land, money and council on board? Now there is no money and council is wary, except for one, who according to the tape and past actions is still more than willing to sell this community out for his 30 pieces of silver.

  13. John Prince says:

    Speaking as a former councillor and potential mayoral candidate in this year’s upcoming municipal election, I can say unequivocally that Anon’s @10:57 comment with respect to ‘we all have a common ailment and are in this together’ to be both an astute observation and a formula for success.

    Personally, I believe some of the grandiose plans of the developers so far have been just that, ‘grandiose’.

    Affordable housing for the elderly, young families and the working poor, along with a hotel/convention centre and Community Centre surrounded by plenty of green space, walking trails by the river and a man made lake, would suffice. Add to this upscale developments for the affluent and you have created a liveable community that all can be proud of.

    This is something I believe I definitely would buy into, as would most others in this community.

    Considering investors, at this point, would most likely be content to just see a return on their investment, this I believe is doable and a way of achieving that goal, while at the same time making a positive contribution to our community and its people.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear Fellow CNP Citizens from Mike Stringer

    There is a lot to the whole story of this developement that has never been told. There is also many details that keep getting glossed over.

    I was part of a group that was in negotiations with the the last owners of the property to purchase the 52 acres. We did our due diligence by hiring a constulting firm to drill and test the property…subsequenty we decide to with draw our offer. We suspected there was a good chance we would uncover sizeable ammounts of toxic polutants.

    One year past from the time we originally backed away from purchasing the land…the realestate market heated up and land values shot up. We decided to take a second look at purchasing the property… We figured it would cost us at least 3,000,000CAD to clean up the pollution, but with the rising price of land..we could now make the project viable. We entered into negotiations to buy the property in earnest. We bought the only feasable access to the property. We paid about 340,000CAD for the strip of land between the hospital and the shopping mall. It is the old rail access to the property and it is the best access. On the day we took our verbally accepted offer to the owner of the 52 acres…Bridge Creek rushed in with an offer some 600,000CAD more than ours. The owner of course took the higher offer. Bridge Creek had done no due dilligence and really did not know what they were getting into…

    Subsequenty we offered our land to Bridge Creek to use as thier access. Originally offering it for close to 900,000CAD. We were told that they did not need our land…later on we dropped the price to 400,000CAD…same story..did not need our land…Turns out they have real big egos, or something. I can not understand. How would you choose to build a 2,000,000CAD to 3,000,000CAD brige over taking a peice of land that would provide the access you need for a fraction of the price???

    During the construction they discovered contamination and choose to spread it arround rather than clean it up. One of the solutions to pollution is dilution…spread it around and it becomes back ground noise…

    I worked very hard to have them clean up the site properly and handle the waste in the appropriote manor. I wrote letters to every branch of Provincial and Federal Agencies I could think of. It took a lot to get anyone to listen..
    I have pictures and records of what I found. I have also copies of all emails sent to Provincial and Federal Authorities. I hope no one is thinking I have disappeared. THIS PROPERTY WILL BE CLEANED UP PROPERLY, THE TOWNS MAIN WATER WELL IS ONLY A FEW HUNDRED METERS AWAY. end part one mikeestringer@hotmail.com

  15. Anonymous says:

    second part from mikeestringer@hotmail.com

    I listened to Mayor John Erwin stand up and mislead the group of investors when he told them that the Provincial Government cleaned up all the pollution on the site…They never did such a thing, and never claimed to do so. The Government only did a beautification of the site.Hauled away the unsitely piles of coal, flattened the site and then spread a thin layer of top soil so that grass would grow. The intention was to keep the coal from blowing into town…not to clean up the site of pollution.

    I also invited CTV to come to the Crowsnest Pass and take videos..in which I expressed my concern about burying contaminents. It was only about this time did the developer take any notice and start to address the problem of pollutants and the fact that they did exist…funny thing..it was also about this time that the governing bodies started to take note….

    Any one that thinks they are going to recoup their cash investments out of this property is dreaming in color with their eyes wide open. Lets face it, all the cash is gone…the property is a disgraceful mess, far worse now than what it was before the developer went wild digging holes and trying to bury coal slag, creosote rail road timbers, reminants of an old engine repair shops complete with waste tanks, an electrical transformer site with possible PCP contamination, to name a few …
    It may be that the investors may want to see what kind of liability they have on their hands? It was not that many years ago, in Calgary, that one of the worlds largest oil companies found out the hard way about selling property for residential use that contained polutants….

    This property can be cleaned up, and someday hopefully it will be.

    It is going to take some one with real deep pockets and not a group of suckers that invested millions of dollars, that some how disappeard, and think that the same outfit that engineered this catastrohpe can ride into town on a new plan and recue them from financial ruin. Especially when they only have part of the original 52 acres. Come on guys and gals “WAKE UP” Mike Stringer

  16. John Prince says:

    Speaking for myself Mike, I appreciate you coming forward and telling us your story, while giving everyone a heads-up.

    According to you the environmental issues have not been fully dealt with and if so, that is a very scary and costly situation that cannot be easy dealt with, or dismissed.

    Our Mayor and council, having gotten into bed with these developers, have been slow to react to any of this and to share information that could put people’s minds at ease, which suggests, there is more truth to what you say than fiction.

    Your closing paragraph is both disturbing and a wake up call at the same time. It will be interesting to hear from ‘insiders’ if they concur with your brutal and blunt assessment of the situation?

  17. Anonymous says:

    If I’m buying a brand new house for that amount of money, I’m building somewhere else, there’s lots of land available out there.

    Sure the Pass is a beautiful place but I wouldn’t want to live there.

    Who would want to spend $400,000 – $600,000 to live next to a major highway and a small trailer court?

    This piece of land is no investment.

    It would be good for parkland, walking trails and maybe a campground.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Why would the Mayor knowingly mislead a group of people who have aready been knocked down, and kicked and kicked again. These poor people were looking for guidance from your wonderful mayor. Now it seems thay may have just gotten more of the same from him.
    Very cruel, when will the authorities step in here and get to the bottom of this?

  19. Anonymous says:

    The developers should come down and see first hand the ugly mess bridge creek as created. What a disaster. Investors get what you can and run…

  20. Chloe says:

    I have to wonder why permits were given to BC if council was aware of the pollution and related issues. There is something not right here and I sense a trail will lead right back to council chambers. The good folks of CNP really need to get some answers just as investors have to push hard for an accounting of their investments.

  21. Anonymous says:

    ..and why did BC continue to raise money from ususpecting investors when clearly there was an environmental issue here..and why did council stand by and let it happen?
    I have heard (by an unnamed source)that the RCMP would like to speak to some local people. I guess it hasn’t happened yet????

  22. Anonymous says:

    What about Community Futures and the Crowsnest Economic Development Board’s involvement in all of this? Something this big could not have gone on without their knowledge and participation, considering the Mayor sits on both as a director and share holder, don’t you think? Yet they are all ‘mum’ too?
    Conspiracy and dark secrets abound within the Crowsnest Pass, but they are slowly revealing themselves, and the cracks are beginning to show.
    Soon the words ‘TIMBER’ will be heard, as the mighty pillars of our society come crashing down.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Town Council has nothing to do with environmental issues…this is handled by the Provincial and Federal Governments.
    Town council, other than the Mayor and Gary Taje would know little or nothing about the site conditions.
    Even the Mayor and Gary Taje can not be blamed for this mess..their only sin is wanting developement so bad in our community that they lost their sense of reality and maybe moral compass.
    The only real Villans in this whole scheme are the men behind Bridge Creek. They alone hatched all the plans that took a two million dollar peice of property and waved their magic wands and made it worth sixty eight million over night. It was their emaginations and the investors greed.
    The CNP Council other than the two mentioned are blameless.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If they are so blameless then why are they hiding and so silent on the matter? No they are guilty as sin and it shows.

  25. Anonymous says:

    anon 6:44PM. Who are you kidding? Everybody locally knew about the site conditions, including the Mayor and all of council. They’re continued silence on this whole matter testify’s to their guilt. If any of them were innocent wouldn’t they be saying so?

  26. Anonymous says:

    The point is this mayor and council cannot be trusted to move forward on this file. We need a new mayor and council to do that. Just like the investors need a new developer.

  27. Anonymous says:

    CNP needs to clean house of the entire council. How they can be board members of BC and a sitting council screams of wrongdoing. Small wonder the BC development was approved when they bought off CNP council and a couple local environmentalist as well.

    As someone stated above, it is common knowledge that the only thing the AB gov’t did years ago was make the site look pretty. To believe otherwise is foolish. To simply walk the property you can see gopher holes digging up coal slag.

    Thankfully this project was shutdown before BC could bury these toxins further down the snake pit they were digging, which was getting closer to the CNP water source.

  28. John Prince says:

    The question, “Dean, Dean where have you been?” has been answered… somewhat. Of all the councillors, Dean has come forward in a brave attempt to tell us ‘nothing about something’, with respect to River Run. :-) While at the same time getting in his ‘digs’ against his number one fan. :-( :-)

    The mystery and suspense is mounting as people wonder “where has all the money gone?” And why can’t we find out any details about our municipailty’s financial committment and obligations with respect to our involvement with the River Run developers? Are we still in bed with these guys, or have we severed ties? Are we waiting for a reorganization and a new team to come forward to move this project forward, or is it dead in the water? As taxpayers, who funded a large part of this fiasco and will be paying for years to come, we have aright to know!?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thats right anonomous at 10:41 pm. Blame the investors. Give them another kick. They’re not hurt enough yet..Yep, bud, it was their fault they were lied to, given false information, false appraisals, maybe they should have come on down with a shovel and checked the dirt for toxidity. I guess people should always assume they are dealing with crooks. Alot of the investors are senior citizens who are trying to make it in their retirement. They were told they could live comfortably off of the guaranteed interest payments they would receive. Now they are broke and struggling to pay the bills. Some of the investors are disabled, some are widowed… People like you make me wonder.

  30. Anonymous says:

    If Anonymous at 7:50 am kept up with the workings of Council, or took the time to attend a Council meeting(s), he or she would know that the majority of Council had enough sense not to be taken in by the BC boys and that is why nothing is happening on the site. From my understanding BC has yet to put up the required funds to be able to begin the infrastructure. Good on Council for saying no.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if venture capitalist’s like the Bridgecreek boys were shown for what they really are? Cheap reality television clowns that suck in rubes like the ones that invested in the ‘Pass development? Yeah, the investors were not exactly what you would call “swift”.

  32. Anonymous says:

    ‘Venture capitalists’? Can we say megalomanical carpetbaggers?

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