Scrooge Harper is coming

…. and he’s ready to ‘screw’ you and me.

Well the Keystone cops are at it again. The guys who can’t shoot straight and can’t get anything right are ready to tax us more and more, right in the middle of a recession (depression). Which is exactly what you should not be doing i.e. taxing people more and more when they are down.

After criticizing Dion over a Carbon Tax, Harper has done a back flip, and is now talking about implementing a Carbon Tax that will tax everything and everybody, while going easy on their corporate friends…

Harper won’t rule out carbon tax

And Flaherty is threatening to decimate the real estate industry by raising the minimum down payment for home buyers, as well as reducing the amortization period in order to stop some consumers from taking on too much debt, while doing nothing about the predatory practices of banks and credit card companies, and their white collar criminal friends in high places.

Now, in all likelihood, he will be going after the poor and less fortunate in society by cutting programs that aid them and working families…

Flaherty’s deficit plan: Take an axe and cut deep

When are people going to wake up to the fact Harper’s conservatives are all about helping and abetting corporations, banksters and fraudsters, while screwing you and me?


Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge.

from John Prince
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