House of Commons: Shut it down!

It ain’t worth a damn!!

Last week, we had the guy with a gun at the WCB office in Edmonton and yesterday, we had hundreds of environmentalists shutting-down the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Protesters disrupt question period

With these latest ones, it seems ‘civil-disobedience’ in all its many forms is happening on a regular basis these days. Not surprising, considering our social structure is being stretched to the limits in more ways than we can count.

Now, the conservatives in their infinite wisdom want to build ‘super prisons’ so they can store more prisoners (US style) from their ‘war on crime’ (except their friends doing the white-collar kind, of course) while at the same time releasing mental patients back into society (this last one will in all likelihood result in more homelessness and a waiting bed in one of these super prisons, where they can walk around ‘freely’ among the general population. Talk about creating a Kafkaesque nightmare, while in denial of historical experience and Foucaultian wisdom, due to a misguided believe in a failed and discredited ideology.)

Alberta mental patients to be moved out

We complacent spectators to the world’s happenings will soon be ‘unwilling’ participants, as evidenced by the craziness happening everywhere we turn these days. From governments with their ‘retrograde policies’ to parents killing themselves and their children due to financial troubles (or in one case, having been released from a ‘mental institution’ due to governmental cutbacks and incompetence), to massive unemployment – no jobs, no plan and no hope.

This seemingly indifference or ineptitude by governments too busy ‘politicking’, as Rome burns, to deal seriously, effectively and in a timely manner with our many problems, along with Corporations and our professional upper classes ‘GREED‘ and smug indifference to the suffering and pain people are being forced to deal with these days, are the ‘catalysts’ of the storm to come.

Add to this “… the Spin doctors, lobbyists, flaks, MSM, political blogging sites like Liblogs, Bloggingtories and Progressive Bloggers—they are the sultans of spin and in today’s media-driven age they exert enormous power, and have become important (if often reviled) players in the shaping of public opinion (in other words, media shape and control the kinds of opinions that appear, the kinds of information that comes through, and the sources through which they go) and as such, do their corporate (political) masters bidding, by way of inducing ‘Thought control’ in our democratic society that marginalizes and controls the way we think.” (For more on this go to my earlier post on MEDIA)

With the above in mind, the end result of people lashing out is not surprising. What surprises me is that there is not more of it… but I believe its coming, as evidenced by the increase in violence, protests and demonstrations we see occurring on a regular basis, despite the heavy censorship and biases being perpetrated by those mentioned above, including mainstream media and the political blogging circles I highlighted.

As people start striking out in the form of Class Warfare at their safety and security (the politicians, corporations and professionals) as ‘state sponsored violence’ has struck at working families across this nation, then you can be sure you will get their attention. This is what people want ATTENTION. They are tired of being ignored and they are not going to take it anymore. The people who shut down the House of Commons yesterday sent a clear message to all their fellow countrymen. They do not think it is doing its job, so therefore… Shut it down! It ain’t worth a damn!!


No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session.

from John Prince
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2 Responses to House of Commons: Shut it down!

  1. Jose says:

    John, you have hit it on the head. However the people demonstrating in Ottawa are part of the fringe group, and do not represent the masses as you say. Once the general population starts to react, it will be a grim picture. The politicos –all of them — are lost as to how to solve the mess we are in. They already have plans in place to save their sorry a—s once the party starts. Do you really think the prisons and compounds are going to be for the “prisoners”?

    The US Congress, like Canadian Parliament is at present attempting to show the world they are serious about Climate Change before the December World meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Note that global warming has changed to climate change???)
    Heck, Greenland wasn’t named for it’s green ice.

    Certainly there is a problem with the world’s environment — always has been. Whether the present problem is all climate or primarily politics is the question. Al Gore, a Vice President then worth $2 million is now worth $200 million and growing from his Global Warming/Carbon Tax scam. Taxing the developed world and stunting its businesses, and passing this money onto the Third World for climate “improvements” will be a disaster. Giving control of the world environment to these Third World nations, while passing onto them Billions of Dollars to save the environment is BS. Most of that money will end up in Swiss Bank Accounts, and nothing will change. If they have their way, the developed world will revert to the Dark Ages. Look up the second article (video) at and see the rest of the story.

    Bill C-311 is a disaster for Canada and Alberta – why not keep the carbon tax money here and improve OUR environment. Won’t this then reduce the emissions the others are crying about — or is it the money, power and world control over us that they really want. Don’t for a moment think that all of the demonstrators in Ottawa are environmentalists concerned about Canada; most are being funded from outside sources, and having their chains pulled.

    John, we the people appear to be irrelevant in the whole equation. The politicos have forgotten why they are there, and who voted them in. They are lining their pockets and the power and big dollars are just too much to ignore. It appears that you have relented that this is not just a Conservative problem, but involves the whole spectrum. How do you spell “we are screwed”?

  2. John Prince says:

    > Do you really think the prisons and compounds are going to be for the “prisoners”?

    Ya, you sure got that right. Most people seem oblivious to this fact, believing their government could never do that. They do not seem to see the trend of fascism the Harper government has been on and the on-going erosion of our freedoms and rights, along with the increase in killings and RCMP/police brutality with their Tasers and death squads. Our citizens’ bodies pile up every day from the states goons while ‘corporate’ mainstream media downplay and distort the true picture of what is really going on.

    Anyhow, I loved your “Heck, Greenland wasn’t named for it’s green ice.” comment. lol!

    I think you are wrong on the environment and I will leave it at that. Except to say, the people in all countries are saying they are concerned and that there is a problem. While on the other hand, well-financed ‘corporate groups’ and their MSM are saying otherwise. I chose to choose the side of the people, rather than the ‘hidden hand’.

    The picture you paint of ‘world control’ can be scary. A powerful UN could have long-term ramifications of ‘peace and order’ (consider for a moment, that through out recorded history there has only been 13 years of no wars), which is not possible now under the present system of a handful of nations on the Security Council dictating ‘everything’. Wars are the inevitable result, and we all know that nations such as the US and their puppet master in the Middle East, must have continual wars to feed their engine and blood lust.

    As far as the carbon tax issue goes. I feel I really don’t have the information, nor the inclination to voice an informed opinion. Which is pretty much what our government’s position has been to-date, and why the House of Commons was recently shut down. At least Dion had a plan whereas this government is lost. Like the protestors said “C311 is the civil rights issue of this generation.” We must have a government with a plan.

    We have to do something… doing nothing is NOT an option.

    >How do you spell “we are screwed”?

    Not until the fat lady sings, my friend. :-)

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