Sic semper tyrannis (Death to Tyrants)

Sic semper tyrannis

Sic semper tyrannis

Well, so far, the HarperCONS have alienated women, youth and those the conservatives consider less than Canadian… les ethniques (ethnic people).

Who else can they diminish and marginalize? Natives, the poor and elderly, working people? Oh, I forgot?… they’ve already done those ones. The list goes on and on…

As we are seeing in the middle-east and north africa, the people here too are rising up and taking back their nation… from the tyrant. By election day there should be one massive rally, and public outcry…


“We’re taking back our streets… our freedoms… our rights… and our dignity! And most of all… our DEMOCRACY!”


It’s Over Steve!! – Episode 001

It’s Over, Steve – Ammy…. (very good!)

It’s Over Steve!! – Episode 002

It’s Over Steve!! – Episode 003 (GUELPH, ON)


Go Ethnics Go !?!?…. (excellent!) :-)


Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are trying to silence students’ vote

Elections Canada rejects Tory bid to quash student votes

Are Canadian Youth Standing Up and Showing Up This Election?


The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive.

from John Prince
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6 Responses to Sic semper tyrannis (Death to Tyrants)

  1. Chloe says:

    “I win when you stay home” Thanks John for these videos. Sorry Stevie, me and my girls will be in the voting booths on May 2nd. Take care.

  2. Jose says:

    Not sure where this is all leading. First, the immigrants as I see it, are quite well treated. Many Canadians complain that the immigrants get special treatment over the “natives”. In turn, others say that the immigrants work for “slave” wages and take the jobs of other Canadians. Or is it that they do the work that many spoiled Canadians will not do? The history of the Crowsnest Pass shows how the immigrants work their way up through the generations.

    Getting out the “student” vote will certainly tilt the vote towards the NDP, Liberals and Greenies, given the sense of entitlement taught in the schools nowadays. I doubt if they’ll vote in enough of a block needed to boot out Harpo. Comparing the present Canadian election and reaction to the North Africa and Mideast situation is straight BS.

    It won’t be long before these same students see that their takehome pay from their first paycheck falls far short of their wage/salary — then they will wonder why they voted the way they did.


  3. John Prince says:

    I think it’s awful white of you to have the position you do on immigrants and slavery (poverty is slavery) and with that the following quote comes to mind… “Please, Master, don’t whip me no more. I promisses to be good.” :-) I’m just a ‘spoiled’ little nigger. :-(

    Today, it seems we are over qualified for most jobs and under qualified for the rest? Whose responsible for this scenario?… the people?… the individual?…. or the hidden hand? Globalization is taking its toll on all peoples (Canadians and immigrants alike) and nations in establishing a new world order (there I’ve said it! The SS GESTAPO (think RCMP and local police forces) should be here in short order, and if my name shows up on their database the SWAT team will be here as well, ready to shoot first and ask questions later.) Terrorism has arrived here in Canada and most people don’t even know it? Because it’s in the guise of ‘good government’ and ‘law and order’… the tools of Corporatocracy (who have turned us all into wage and debt slaves). The G8-G20 in TO was a preamble of things to come, when, as they say, the ‘shit really starts to hit the fan’. We’ll all be living in a police state and eating Solent Green biscuits in no time. :-o

    3 million students (if they come out to vote? Which all signs are showing they will) will make a difference, a big difference, maybe even ‘the difference’. After all, these are the people who will have to live with the consequences for some time to come (if lulled to sleep with a false sense of entitlement and business as usual, by the established order) who see their future going up in smoke, if the HarperCONS continue to govern. They see how he is selling us out to the multi-nationals while at the same time destroying Canadian democracy for the U.S., so that we will be that much easier to swallow up. Not much of a future for our youth with the HarperCONS, now is there?

    Comparing the present Canadian election and reaction to the North Africa and Mideast situation is straight BS.

    Are you calling me a BS, Jose? My friend and benefactor is calling me a BS. Well let me answer that by saying, we may not have shots fired and people dying on the streets but we do have an election with the possibility of overthrowing a government and what many believe to be a dictator and tyrant. To me, my friend, that puts us on the same footing as what we see happening in the places I mentioned above. The beginnings of a popular uprising against the HarperCONS, is what I believe we are starting to see, and that is what I meant. How it all plays out is anybody’s guess?

    It won’t be long before these same students see that their takehome pay from their first paycheck falls far short of their wage/salary — then they will wonder why they voted the way they did.

    I believe if we stay with the HarperCONS that is ‘exactly’ what would happen. Tim Horton type jobs won’t cut it! Our people, including our university students, should not have to settle for that. And I believe they won’t! And from what I have been seeing in the media, including several YouTube videos of university kids coming out for ‘get out the vote’ rallies, they are coming out because they know ‘Harper wins when they stay home’, and this time they’re not going to stay home and let him win. They’re out to win instead!

  4. Jose says:

    John, it’s everyone’s duty to get out and vote – if they are able to. Past voter turnout in Canada is a sad testimony to our commitment to “democracy”. The next two weeks will be interesting, to see if the tactics used by the various parties increases the voter turnout. We’ll see how the immigrant and student voter population is instilled into the process.

    The people in the Middle East and North Africa would be more than happy to be able to vote as we can in Canada. At present, their choice is whether to be blown to bits for just marching to say that they want the right to vote. Apples and Oranges.

    Canada so far is not caught in the whirlpool that is bringing down the USA. The USA is done – toast – and not much can be done to bring it back. The Corporations control the politicians and the laws that are made. The Middle Class is being wiped out. The current level of debt and spending, poor economy and loss of border control seals the USA’s fate. The present government’s solution to the problem, and to protect their power base, is to instill class warfare. A far cry from what is happening in Canada — so far.

    The will of the voters and not the people will prevail. The election system is for the most part above board. If one doesn’t vote, then one shouldn’t complain when the tally is done.

    As for the knock on the door, I guess I have more faith in the system than you have. Let’s hope that the next government gets things back on track, and gives everyone a chance to have a chance at the “good life”.


  5. John Prince says:

    Good comments that I totally agree with. But I do think class warfare is here already (I know, I’m a victim of it), thanks to the HarperCONS, who have been been successfully creating the conditions to further divide the have’s and have not’s from both their money, and from each other, respectively.

    This country is being systematically raped and treated like a whore at the same time. Its time to take back our country! It’s time to “RISE UP!”

    People remembering their ABC’s will accomplish that… “Anybody but Conservative”.

    With respect to your last comment, I have this to say… There is much truth in what I have said i.e. we already live in Harper’s police state, as evidenced by the media’s almost daily recording of such. And let’s not forget his crowning achievement of macho power (for the entire world to see), the G20 in Toronto.

    But keep in mind, Harper is but a tool fulfilling his role for the aspirations of those on the dark side…

    VIDEO: 12 Triggers from Globalization to World Government


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