Socialist Hordes at the Gates… RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Socialist Hordes at the Gates

You capitalist swines! Yes, that means you Pass rats too!! We’ll be coming for your money, your property, your children… we’re taking it all!!! :-o


The above is a conservative capitalist’s worst nightmare… that looks like it might come true? :-) The orange wave IS happening throughout the land. Prime Minister Jack Layton… has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? :-)

I’m for Jack, I’m for anybody but Harper as most of you know, and for good reason. He and his conservatives have never done anything for me, while having certainly done a lot against me.

So I for one will not be shedding any tears for their demise, although I know quite a few here who will. Good! Its about time the wealth got shared and re-distributed more fairly, equitably, while bringing back equality of opportunity to the mix as well. Like I said, you won’t find me shedding any tears for these people, who never shed any for me. Like they say, what goes around comes around. Its called Karma.

My only regret is that we can’t bring Lady Guillotine into the equation in order to rid ourselves of the vermin we call the ‘old boys club’ who still congregate at local Community Futures offices, raping and exploiting their communities at will with the help of their political friends in government.

First Ottawa… then Edmonton… and then the Crowsnest. We’ll all be saluting the red maple leaf and calling each other comrade before you know it. :-)

It looks like the pollsters and political pundits are about to be proven wrong, the tyrant deposed, and history quite possibly will be made, come May 2. The third option everyone on the conservative side ignored, to their eventual chagrin, has arrived… the NDP!!!

Parliamentary Democracy saved by the socialists! The world doesn’t get any crazier than that, now does it? :-)


Thanks to TV and for the convenience of TV, you can only be one of two kinds of human beings, either a liberal or a conservative.

from John Prince
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6 Responses to Socialist Hordes at the Gates… RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

  1. Anonymous says:

    If that’s what it takes to stop more tax breaks for the big banks and big oil companies, then I am all for it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jack Layton as Prime Minister – you have to be joking!! Maybe in socialist Sweden.

  3. peter rosner says:

    on an earlier posting i asked you if you were a socialist your reply was you are a liberal but adopt a lot of the NDP thinking. It looks like you have totally given up on the liberals (which most of the country is doing) and supporting the NDP. I see the conservatives sqeaking by with another minority government and the NDP as the official opposition. Any thoughts

  4. John Prince says:

    Anon @8:02
    Right on brother! Working families and the needy before the greedy!

    Anon @10:25
    You mark my words, Jack Layton; will be PM either after this election or in the very near future. People no longer trust Harper (who at best can only garner 1/3 of the votes) and Iggy has been tarnished severely by the smear campaigns that have been going on against him for the last two years, all paid for I might add, not by the conservatives but by our tax dollars.

    If I am anything it is that I am a pragmatist.

    I know from my last few posts I have given the NDP a fair amount of ink, so to speak, but in large part it is due to the local Liberal candidate not sending me information on her candidacy as requested, and the fact that according to everyone the NDP are on a roll and therefore are dominating the news, and as such, postings to my blog.

    The short answer to your question is as I have stated numerous times before I am a strong advocate for knowing my ABC’s – ‘Anybody but Conservative’.

    On a personal note you might find it interesting to note that when living in B.C. under a two party system back then (Social Credit and NDP) some 17 years ago, I voted NDP provincially and Liberal federally. How I’ll vote this time won’t matter at the end of the day as those here in the Macleod riding who don’t vote Conservative see their votes wasted, which is a shame and reason enough, as I have also stated before, to change our system from first past the post to proportional representation, so we do not continue to see vast segments of our population disenfranchised from participating in our so-called democracy.

    In conclusion let me say I agree with your assessment in how things will probably play out i.e. conservative minority with an NDP official opposition. However, I do think there is a very good chance that the ‘orange wave’ can still sweep the country, as we are seeing with the unprecedented numbers of people coming out to the advance polls. I’m hopeful this is a sign of people’s disenchantment with the HarperCONS and their campaign of fear vs. both the Liberals and NDP campaigns of hope.

  5. peter rosner says:

    well thanks for that reply i too worry about how far the conservatives will go playing patsy to the USA. that is what drug our military into the war in Afganistan. I will give them credit of being able to manage this country pretty well with minority governments but i just dont trust them. i am totally for the working class and their party is generally the NDP

  6. John Prince says:

    Well, Peter, now I know we have at least one thing in common. Although, I kind of suspected that all along and at times pulled your chain to find out for sure. :-)

    I see our friend Fred, who you last referred to as ‘miserable’, looks quite pleased with himself, and his A.B.C.’s. lol :-)

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