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The Evil that Men do…. all in the name of a buck

The Evil that Men do My first reaction after reading this week’s Crowsnest Promoter editorial was to state to a friend when having coffee at the Stone’s Throw that I’m going to roast this guys nuts over a slow burning … Continue reading

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CNP Municipal FB: How low can you go?

Municipal Facebook (FB) Weeks ago (December 13, 2012), I did a blog post Booming Ice Chasm in ‘Beautiful’ Crowsnest Pass that received hundreds of visits. And rightfully so, as the pictures were stunningly spectacular and the story showcased our community … Continue reading

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Deer Hunting with Jesus

Standing up to “authority” makes most people uncomfortable. People don’t want to make waves, and don’t want trouble. They want to “get by,” and take the safe road. They don’t want to put themselves at risk. They don’t even want … Continue reading

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Support Me: "Tip Jar for John"

Support Me by Making a Donation to my Tip Jar In case some readers here don’t realize it there is no money speaking truth to power. Let me say that again, there’s no money in speaking the truth. If alternative … Continue reading

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Idle No More: The overnight YouTube roundup

  Media Blackout of Idle No More Just as MSM pretty much blacked out the Occupy Movements they are at it once again with the Idle No More movement that is presently sweeping the nation. Well, I, as part of … Continue reading

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Council’s ignorance is only exceeded by….

…. their ineptness and failures. Alternative Media Snubbed As most people are probably aware politicians like nothing better than to be on good terms with the media, schmoozing up to them every chance they get, hoping to ingratiate themselves in … Continue reading

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Decoux, Da Mayor: Just doesn’t get it

Decoux, Da Mayor For the life of me I just don’t understand this Mayor? What does he not understand about a citizens revolt against him and his administration by way of a petition that is fast approaching 2,000 signatures of … Continue reading

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