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Request for information

Blog Advertising Info Wanted Like the title of this post indicates I am looking to gauge the public mood with respect to a small business venture. This proposed venture is to revamp this blog and then to sell blog advertising … Continue reading

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Jim Prentice issues a veiled warning to Stephen Harper

Former Conservative cabinet minister Jim Prentice Local boy, Jim Prentice, tells Harper his way or the highway is no way to run a country… By Charlie Smith, Sometimes, you stumble across an intriguing article where you least expect to find … Continue reading

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It’s time to address our Social Deficit

…. here in the Crowsnest Pass, by caring less about the greedy, and more about the needy. Social Deficit I wonder if the politicians have woken up yet to the fact Canada and the Crowsnest Pass have a social deficit? With … Continue reading

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We’re Headed For….

…. The GREATEST Depression, says Gerald Celente. YAHOO! FINANCE Greatest Depression The fake “recovery” was nice while it lasted, says famous apocalyptic forecaster Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute. But now the fun’s over, and we’re headed for what … Continue reading

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Conservative Taxes Hammer Small Businesses

Goodale commentary: Conservative Taxes At a time when the Harper government is promising to slash federal programs and services to fix its deficit – its self-imposed and unnecessary deficit – Conservative business tax policies are out of whack. On the … Continue reading

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‘Gutsy’ business woman in Blairmore

…. ‘Hats Off’ to her. ‘Gutsy’ business woman In this week’s Crowsnest Promoter, I see a letter to the editor from a woman in Blairmore who not only has the guts to run her own business, but the balls to … Continue reading

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Are we Human PREY?

Human PREY I heard the other day that big business (Corporations) who use to look at consumers as customers… now look at us as human prey. Interesting! With what is going on presently in the States and coming soon to … Continue reading

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Cleverness vs Intelligence

Cleverness vs Intelligence Cleverness pursues its own little aims. Intelligence sees the larger whole in which all things are connected. Cleverness is motivated by self-interest, and it is extremely short-sighted. Most politicians and businesspeople are clever. Very few are intelligent. … Continue reading

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