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The Evil that Men do…. all in the name of a buck

The Evil that Men do My first reaction after reading this week’s Crowsnest Promoter editorial was to state to a friend when having coffee at the Stone’s Throw that I’m going to roast this guys nuts over a slow burning … Continue reading

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Telling It Like It Is…

Telling It Like It Is… Below is a comment I just made on Dean Ward’s blog that I feel needs to be repeated here on my blog too. Anon @9:32 “… the bloggers have their own agendas; i.e. themselves getting … Continue reading

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No-Go for Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Plant At last night’s council meeting, according to Dean Ward on his blog, it’s a no-go for the much hyped and promoted Quebec Manufacturing Plant setting up shop here. Mayor and CAO have again put the cart in front … Continue reading

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Taxes will be the death of us

Taxes The other day I heard and read where Pincher Creek passed their mill rate with no fuzz or bother. This is far from what is happening here. It appears bureaucratic bungling, political ineptitude, and outright incompetence and denial is … Continue reading

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Two more wannabe’s join the fray

Wannabe’s Last week, at the monthly general meeting of the Ratepayers Association, two more candidates stepped forward to put their names on the list of wannabe councillors for our upcoming municipal election. They are Marlene Anctil and Doreen Glavin, both … Continue reading

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A Call to Action from the Ratepayers

A Call to Action Just reading Dean Ward’s latest blog post Trying to deflect attention away from the real issues. I’m reminded of the importance of tonight’s council meeting. Besides, Councillor Andrew Saje being the star of attention (will he … Continue reading

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Newcomers vs Long-time Residents

Newcomers vs Long-time Residents Some commenters on Dean Ward’s blog think its perfectly okay for a newcomer to get elected to our council, riding in on an establishment mayor’s back after living here at the time for only two years, … Continue reading

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Ratepayers Meeting: Patient No More

Patient No More Last night’s Ratepayers Association meeting drew another large lively and engaged crowd to their monthly meeting at the Hillcrest Miners Club. The focus of the meeting dealt with Municipal Affairs dragging of their feet with respect to sending … Continue reading

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Former Councillor Throws Hat into the Ring

Former Councillor Dean Ward Well it’s official, our fall election is off to the races… even though it’s still winter. Yesterday, Dean Ward announced his candidacy for a council seat here. I think only those who have been in some … Continue reading

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News Reporting: Like day and night

News Reporting The above expression, is similar to night and day, but “day and night” implies things got worse whereas “night and day” implies things got better. This week’s news reporting with respect to the Crowsnest Learning Centre (CLC) by … Continue reading

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